Monday, August 30, 2004

Tahoe Missive 2: I'm Relaxing, Damn it!

It's day 6 of our vacation in Lake Tahoe. We were starting to relax - sleeping in and not feeling guilty about it, grilling on the back deck, swimming in the artic but clear lake, running in nearby Sugar Pine Point State Park.

Then I had to spoil it all by checking my work voice mail and finding that a source called me, someone I've been trying to reach for some time before I went on vacation. So I called her back and interviewed her for my story.

I feel a bit bad about working when I'm supposed to be relaxing. But sometimes it's hard not to, especially in my business. Anyway, no more work today. I'm cutting myself off.

Sign #1 that you're no longer in Washington: "Bud's Sporting Goods: Flies. Guns. Ice Cream." From the bib on the waittress that served us a scoop of mint chocolate at the vintage soda fountain at Bud's Sporting Goods, in nearby, quaint Truckee. While the front of the store is composed of the soda fountain with retro pink vinyl booths and stools, the back is devoted to guns, tackle and a mounted boar's head with a fierce expression (on sale for $800).

By the way, a big Happy Birthday! to my fiance. Itinerary for today: Homemade breakfast of french toast and eggs, a hike on the beautiful 18-mile Pacific Rubicon Trail, a dip in the jacuzzi, and dinner at a lakeside restaurant. We may even take the boat out, as the lake is quiet right now.

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