Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Petition supporting journalists; election protection

Giving the Collective Finger: If you're a journalist, show your support for your fellow reporters/editors/producers: Sign an online petition to support those in our business who've been cited for contempt in court for refusing to rat on their sources. I would wager that most all journalists would rather stew in jail rather than violate their First Amendment rights and squeal to constitutionally-negligent judges about information their sources gave them in confidence.

Here's the link to the petition, "Standing Up for the First Amendment," by The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. Also, an excerpt:

"An unprecedented number of journalists have recently been cited for contempt in federal court as a result of their reporting on controversies involving Wen Ho Lee, Valerie Plame, and former Providence, R.I., Mayor Buddy Cianci. This statement represents the support of the journalism community for these reporters, and for any others who may risk fine and imprisonment for refusing to testify about their sources. We plan to present this statement to federal officials and publish it in newspapers around the country."

Protecting the Election: If you'd like to ensure that no monkey business goes on at the polls this November like it did in 2000, volunteer to be an election protection volunteer. There's a Sept. 11 training program in San Francisco to help protect the voting rights in key states such as Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin. Sign up here. FYI: The event is sponsored by a number of left-leaning and civil rights organizations such as Mother Jones, Working Assets and the People for the American Way Foundation.

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