Monday, August 23, 2004

Print Junkie

A sign you're a print news geek: A deluge of magazines cascades from your mailbox on a regular basis and several newspapers grace your doorstep every morning. Which is what happens to me. I must stop some of my subscriptions. I can't keep up with them and the 4-5 news sites I skim online every day.

Here are the newspapers and magazines I subscribe to. I know, it's insane. I used to justify it by the fact that I'm a reporter and need to track what others are writing. But this is getting ridiculous. I'm taking suggestions on what to weed out:

The Washington Post
The Wall Street Journal
The New Yorker
U.S. News & World Report

Columbia Journalism Review
National Geographic Traveler

Organic Style
Real Simple
The Sun
The New Republic

Advice to Washingtonienne: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Also, use sunscreen, cut down on the booze and late-night partying, get your beauty sleep and drink lots of water. Oh, and stop whoring around. I gaurantee you'll look better within weeks.

If you've seen her photo on the cover of last week's Washington Post magazine, you'll know what I'm talking about. My SO, who is the soul of discretion and tact, glanced at her photo and looked surprised. Then he wondered aloud why so many men wanted to sleep with her. My fiance is the third man I've heard this sentiment from.

"She looks a bit haggard and worn out," he said. He shook his head in disbelief when he found that she's only 26. Or 24, if you believe her.


  1. Whores always look skanky. Believe me, there are plenty here in Vegas - especially here! Why do men want to sleep with 'em? Beats me. Some men like that sort of thing, I guess.

    It's good you read a lot of magazines. The only one I subscribe to is Guideposts because my friend Marsha from CA gave it to me as a gift last year for my birthday. I'm going to have to subscribe to it again. I always read mags down at the Pool Shop when I'm working. Even Mr. Brothel's horrid men's mags like FHM and Stuff.

    The other mags I am interested in getting a subscription to are Seventeen and Cosmo. :-)

  2. Dump Health, Organic Style and Real Simple. And add Bust--not too much box-clogging since it's a quarterly.

  3. Hee heee heee... lots of grins & chuckles here. I went to the OBX all last week and missed the Cutler news. True her photo looks rather skanky, but working in the gov't world of 14+ hour days and lots of little overweight old ladies in sneakers, I can see how someone who wouldn't usally catch you eye can bump up a few whole numbers in the ratings.