Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Go Johnny, Go!

As I type, John Edwards and Dick Cheney are sparring in the vice presidential debate. Dick's doing his best dour, wise man on the mount, "I'm with the establishment" impersonation.

John Edwards is looking sharp and talking fast, sometimes almost too fast, but he's raising good points about the increase in poverty nationwide, the number of Americans without health coverage, and the ill-fated war on Iraq. He was also gracious in saying that Dick loved his daughter despite her being gay and his role in the Bush administration's stance on gay marriage.

Look sharp!: Gwen Ifill, the brainy moderator of the VP debate, gave an appropriately-saucy answer to Dick's off-the-cuff remark that he couldn't possibly answer a question on Iraq in only 90 seconds. She replied, "Well, that's all you've got."

Aspiring to be a 70-year-old bombshell: To cap off yesterday's entry about ageing healthily and gracefully, the Washington Post's Health section today ran a number of stories on just this subject. One story was for health neophytes on how to begin eating nutritiously and exercising moderately. Read it here.

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