Friday, October 08, 2004

"Mah Nay-um is George and Ahm Not Dumb!"

Watching the second presidential debate: And boy, oh boy, is George is foaming at the mouth trying to prove that he's really not a half-wit. He's interrupting the moderator, Charles Gibson, attacking Kerry with particular relish and he's thickening that good 'ol Texas accent of his to better connect with us simple folk.

Kerry looks on, a patient and amused look on his face.


  1. Alan made a comment about this. He said if an alien were to land on earth and watch the debate, he would think the president would be Kerry instead of Bush. The alien would think Bush would be the janitor or something.

    Kerry is an excellent debater. I like how he doesn't hesitate on answering the question, he always taking notes, he's very professional and comfortable on stage. However, Bush always looks uncomfortable, takes painfully long pauses, says "uh" or "um" a lot, and when he sits down listening to Kerry, he looks like he's in the clouds somewhere, with this dumb blank look on his face. Very embarrassing.

    Yes, I like the patient and amused look you mention on Kerry's face. It's easy to tell that Kerry knows Bush is full of B.S.

  2. I dunno, I kind of like the idea of facial expression, and haven't seen much on Kerry's face. A bit robotic, perhaps? Maybe a little Herman Munster too.