Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Comfort Food

I had a bad day at work today. I couldn't get hold of sources, my editor was irritating me, and the more I delved into my story, the more I realized how complicated it was and that I needed more time but that I wasn't going to get it. My deadline is noon tomorrow.

Also, I'm still waiting on more than $3,300 I should have received two weeks ago - from a freelance story I wrote and a reimbursement from my healthcare company. To top it off, I forgot to bring my running shoes with me to work, so no run tonight.

On my way home, feeling a bit low, frustrated and hungry, I stopped at McDonald's and bought a small order of fries and a regular hamburger. Quelle horreur! I don't eat fast food, but sometimes in a great while, it just hits the spot.

I looked up the calorie counts online: 230 for the fries and 260 for the hamburger, for a total of 490 calories. So the damage isn't too great.


  1. Hope you have a better day at work today. Happy running.

  2. Sorry you had such a crappy day. I hope everything is better since your last post. I know the feeling. Sometimes it seems like everyone at work is irritating you. I've been kind of sick of McD's lately because I've been eating it so much, but the two cheeseburger meal or the 10 piece Chicken McNugget meal really does it for me. :-)