Thursday, December 02, 2004

Ugly Feet

I ran 6.5 miles this afternoon, after I filed a news story and was waiting for my editor to edit it. I was supposed to run with a colleague on a nearby trail, but she got a last-minute news story, so couldn't. I had been waiting for her by warming up on the treadmill in the company gym downstairs. Before I knew it, I had logged 2 miles.

Another colleague ran with me instead, but she just wanted to run 2 miles. It was very cold, a typical crisp December late afternoon in the nation's capital. Unfortunately, I was unprepared: I wore a sports bra and shorts, having forgotten to pack anything warmer, while my colleague was in a long-sleeved t-shirt, windbreaker, and tights.

We ran at a medium-slow pace for about a mile. Then, with her okay, I took off fast and ran hard for another quarter-mile, then turned around and caught up with her. What's funny is that she kept saying she was a slow runner, but on my way back, when she looked behind her and saw me coming down the pike, she started hoofing it.

"Go, Girl!" I thought, smiled, and ran up next to her. I felt fairly strong, but couldn't seem to get warm - my fingers were completely numb. So after we finished the 2 - 2.5 miles, I headed inside with her, and ran a last, fast 2 miles on the gerbil mill.

Warning - possible gross-out factor: The toenail of my fourth toe on my left foot is turning black, but it's my second toe that really hurts. It's as if my second toe is slamming into the top of my shoe, but I don't feel any pain when I'm running. Hmmm.

Doggie update: No adoption counselor from the animal welfare league has contacted us yet, although we were told on Sunday that they would call us in a few days. Meanwhile, my dog (whichever one we get) is languishing in a 3 X 3 cage. Is this another example of District of Columbia inefficiency?! Damn. I'm going to give those folks a buzz tomorrow.


  1. I can't believe you wore so little to run! I've been jumping in and out of taxis here in DC, and I was cold! The hotel has a treadmill, so I might just do that tonight (not for the weather, but just because I don't know the area too well). Good luck with the dog. When (if) I move, that's the first thing I'm going to do:)

  2. Darn, black toes. I'm not sure but I think that means your shoes may be too small and the toes are hitting the end. Folks have told me to have a little more space in the toe area than I would have for regular walking-around shoes. Hope the toes get better.

  3. Thanks so much for writing me about those journalism books, and I mirror Susan's comment. Being from Maine orginally, and a northerner my whole life, I still find myself darned cold when outdoors in as little as you described for your run. In fact, I shivered a bit at my desk, just thinking about it.

    For a trail runner, I've really wussed out lately about cold.

  4. Jon's exactly right about the probable cause too. I've heard that (for men at least) they recommend that you buy your running shoes a size larger than your street shoes. I find this amusing, because most guys buy their street shoes too small - I wear the same size in both just fine. Anyway, congrats to your coworker for kicking it up, and for you for chasing her down - and get those shoes looked at! Do you have a good specialty running store (ie: not just footlocker/academy/whatever) near you?

  5. I'm am in the process of losing my third toenail since the summer...and my running shoes are a full size bigger than my regular shoes. So who knows? All I can say is...wear it like a badge of honor!

  6. Welcome to the Toenail Replacement Club. Just a couple of weeks ago I lost two toenails that are the result of the first half marathon I ran back in August. Most running books recommend wearing running shoes that are a size bigger so there is space for the toes to wiggle. You might try those gel cushions for corns but it works when you cover your toenail with it when you run.