Sunday, January 09, 2005

Bex at midnight after hosting a Christmas dinner party. Tired but happy. Posted by Hello

Here are some random photos I've been meaning to post before they got too old. The first is self-explanatory. The second and third are from our casual Christmas dinner party; I thought the house looked especially festive.

Tired legs: My friend, A, and I ran 12 miles today, from the outskirts of Old Town Alexandria to the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Georgetown and back. That's a stinking long way, and the furthest I've ever run. It was a cold day; we both wore skully caps, gloves and fleece jumpers.

Boneheads: And we did it without water. We didn't feel like carrying a big bottle of H20 with us and forgot to stash one on the trail beforehand. At miles 7 and 10, we stopped briefly to stretch our hamstrings and quads, which were starting to rig up - probably because we were getting dehydrated.

We ran at 9:30 a mile, then on mile 11, I tried to finish strong and kicked it hard to the end. A good run.


  1. Love Nelson's bed!! How cute. That was a great run. I've been meaning to check out the GW Parkway. I've heard there's good running up that way.

  2. Some long-awaiting Bex-blogging! Don't neglect yourself for the dog - th(is)e reader(s) demand it!

    So your description says "running newbie" but you're doing 12-mile runs already? That sounds crazy to me. Are the people in the DC area nice enough to tap you on the shoulder if you're passed out and call 911 if you don't respond? I just wish I could find a decent bike path in my neighborhood besides the too-narrow Capital Crescent and crowded Rock Creek Parkway.