Saturday, January 08, 2005

Off to a running start

It's been four days since my last post, alas. I hit the ground running when I returned to work a week ago. In fact, I'm still at work. It's an early Saturday afternoon, and only a few people are about. Yet my time here has been highly unproductive.

I got in late, then a colleague wanted to chat, then I had a couple of computer problems, then I was absolutely famished and had to get a bite to eat, then my SO walked in because he locked himself out of the house and because we finally got our new car and wanted to show it to me.

We bought it a few days ago in a dealership in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., 4 hours north. That's where we got the best deal. A dealership employee drove it down today, after three days of snow barred him from doing so.

So I spent some time checking out the car. I like that it's a manual 6-speed - more fun to drive. It's also got the bells and whistles E wanted, such as a GPS navigation system and XM radio. Boys and their cars.

It's the nicest car we've ever had. At first we felt guilty purchasing it, but after years of driving bare-bones Honda Civics (amidst pleas from his family to buy a "decent" car), perhaps it's okay to reward ourselves a bit.

Running update: I've been feeling sluggish for the past couple of days, so my 5-mile run on the 'mill yesterday (done after a free weights class - maybe not a good idea) was a labored one. My hamstrings and quads are sore, mostly from the weights class, but also from running.

Note to self: Stretch more, damn it. Tomorrow's my 12-mile run. Rain is forecast throughout what will be a chilly day. What fun.

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