Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I'm Baaack

I boarded Amtrak in the City of Brotherly Love at 4:30 and arrived in Washington at 6:30 last night. I love trains. You can walk on with minutes to spare before departure with no hassle. No shoe-less perp walks through electronic security checks manned by flinty-eyed guards in ill-fitting uniforms.

Wait a minute. Lax security could make the rail lines vulnerable to terrorism. Or is that something folks just in Washington and New York think about?

I am so there: My SO told me about the La Jolla Half Marathon in late April. La Jolla is a beautiful chi-chi town in the San Diego area, and the race is a challenging, albeit scenic, one - very hilly and steep, with some flat parts next to the Pacific.

Stupid Journalist:
A reporter for a North Carolina newspaper was fired several months ago for blogging about her job (Thanks, Greg). Rachel Mosteller's blog was called "The Sarcastic Journalist," and she lampooned and complained about not just her colleagues, but her bosses. How. Stupid. Is. That.

She's now twiddling her thumbs at home. Apparently, she's still steaming about it. Yet another good reason for me not to discuss my work on this humble little blog.


  1. Yeah, I think criticising your boss and company in writing and publishing it, is generally stupid, stupid, stupid. What's really funny is that Dooce got fired for the same thing, and Rachel has Dooce's web page linked on her blog.

  2. We visited La Jolla a couple of years ago and I enjoyed their beaches. My hub is getting cabin fever and has been suggesting some runs out in Cal., this morning in fact he was showing me 2 more but one is just a week before my long run in April. He's thinking about one in Napa in March.

  3. Is it so dumb if you don't reveal your identity? It seems like you just don't personally like Rachel? It looks like it has been a lot more then just a few months ago hum. Perhaps we should check all our facts, being a journalist.