Thursday, February 10, 2005

Saving the Declaration and Stupid Blogger Redux

I attended a swishy cocktail reception and preview screening of the new PBS/NOVA program, "Saving the National Treasures" in - where else? - the marbled rotunda of the National Archives tonight. The show will air on PBS next Tuesday, Feb. 15, at 8 p.m.

I was invited as I've written about other PBS shows for my paper. As the National Archives are the repository for the Declaration of Independence (which we got a private viewing of), we had to go through a time-consuming security check. A line of folks in conservative suits and a few in black tie had to empty their wallets and place their briefcases and purses through a metal detector. Sigh.

After picking up my nametag from the "Press/Congress" table, I plucked a glass of flowery white wine from a waiter in black tie holding a silver tray and made my way inside. It was a very Washingtonian crowd: earnest-looking, soberly-dressed and brainy. I talked to a few execs from PBS. I saw aides representing Sen. Ted Kennedy and other congressmen.

I found my colleague whom I invited to the fete. After spearing a prosciutto-wrapped asparagus hors d'ouevre from a passing waiter, she said I should have come earlier (I was a bit late), as PBS' director of education complimented us on the news coverage in our newspaper.

The show will pique your interest - especially if you have a scientific bent. I didn't know that it took five years and millions of dollars to refurbish and technologically protect the Declaration. Take a look at the photo above; you see John Hancock's signature after years of light damage, then again after conservators saved it.

Tantrum alert: Rachel Mosteller, the newspaper reporter who got fired for blogging like an idiot about her job, seems incensed that I wrote about her yesterday. (She reminds me of another fired blogger.)

Sour grapes,
I say. Apparently, she's not smart enough to know better. And my, what a potty mouth she has. But then, that's not surprising for someone who unwisely lashes out at others because of her own stupid actions.

Maybe if she'd kept that mouth shut, she'd still have a job. And the respect of folks in her (former) profession.

Running update: A quick three miles - with hills! - after I got home from Philly last night. Then this afternoon, I did a killer cardio and free weights workout with P, the insane trainer. Slowly getting back on track.


  1. That is very cool that you got to see the Declaration of Independence. You get to go to all the cool stuff. And I love the sciency stuff. :)

    Had to laugh at that woman who got fired. I guess she didn't learn much from the experience. Dooce was on the NBC Nightly News last night I think. Seems she made out alright in the end.

  2. Ooooh, sounds like a really fun reception! How cool. I agree with Jon. Reporters do get to do lots of cool things. I think I might like an insane trainer every once in a while...just a little push, right?)

  3. Glad to read you could fit a run into that busy schedule of la-dee-da cool work.
    I love DC.

  4. I don't do stuff like this very much - these events are the exception, not the rule. I just thought it'd be fun to post about a very Washingtonian kind of night.

  5. Keep dropping hints, Bex - I'll figure you out soon enough!