Thursday, February 10, 2005

Windblown Winter Day

No run today, alas. The temperature dropped at least 15 degrees since yesterday, and a wicked wind blew all day, making the bright winter day seem even colder. Plus, I was on deadline.

It's not slogging in the salt mines ... but my job ain't no picnic either. Splashy events such as the PBS reception and screening I blogged about yesterday are few and far between. The bulk of my job is finding news and enterprise stories, tracking down and interviewing (sometimes balky) sources in different time zones, getting on planes or trains to meet people and scout out sites, analyzing statistics and reports, and tying it all together and writing like a whirling dervish - all with an eye on the ticking clock and a somewhat panicky feeling in my chest.

Bex in Book: My company gave permission to a source to re-print a story I wrote about the nation's first weight-loss school in the new edition of his book. That's flattering, and it gives me more exposure. Though except for a nominal fee, my newspaper (much less myself) won't see any $$ from it.

Stop the Presses: Yet another journalism blogging controversy. At least he's a Republican. The Dems don't need any more bad press.


  1. Even the yucky parts of the job have a certain amount of Hollywood romanticism to them. Riding on planes and chasing people across town with a microphone in your hand and getting assaulted by security guards trying to protect somebody important (and guilty). A little bit of spy work too?

    I'm sure its not really like that. Maybe I watch too many movies. :)

  2. Congratulations on being included in the book. Great exposure! Hey, how's Nelson these days??

  3. Thanks, Jon. I do run around a lot trying to get information for my stories. And yes, I have even chased (well, walked very fast and yelled) at a couple of people. No microphones, though, just a notebook. Although every once in a great while I will bring a digital mini-recorder with me. Usually that's just a hassle on quick stories.

    Susan: Nelson is great! My SO's Georgetown students call him a "chill dog." Yes, Nelson goes to college once every week, when my SO teaches the journalism students.

  4. I am fascinated by the gumshoe repertoire of reporters who must submit a story with the best intelligence they have before deadline. It's the editorial writers who give me the fits when they write off their agenda (or their editor's agenda) - never mind the other side of the story.
    Anyway, let's go for a run soon.

  5. Congrats on being included in the book! Being able to get out for any job is half the fun, esp. if you get to travel.