Friday, March 25, 2005

All's Well that Ends Well

Relief: I sent a blitzkrief of phone calls out over the past couple of days throughout Minnesota and the country for my second, bigger story on the Red Lake school shooting. I was very worried at first. But everything turned out fine.

A1: My editors were happy with it, as I got information that other newspapers and magazines didn't get. So my story landed on the front page. Besides my story, a colleague wrote an accompanying one about the growing influence of hate groups, such as the one that held so much fascination for 16-year-old Jeff Weise, among teenagers.

Feeling Minnesota: There's a chance that I may be going to the far northern reaches of this still-frozen state in the next couple of weeks for a follow-up story. But I have to figure out what the story angle is first. Reporters aren't getting good access to sources, and two Associated Press photographers were even briefly held at gunpoint by tribal police. Not that I can blame them. But damn.

To Run or Not to Run … the Run vs. Row 10k tomorrow? That is indeed the question. I've been so busy with the school shooting and other news that I haven't run since Tuesday, and that was only a quick 3.5 interval run. I've slept only 4 hours a night all week, so I'm dog-tired.

Plus we have friends in from out of town, and I'd love to catch up with them over dinner and a bottle of wine tonight and not have to worry about running a 10K race at the crack of dawn tomorrow.


  1. Congrats on getting the front page, Bex! See? hard owrk pays off. :)

    I'd say run tomorrow. Not run since Tuesday, but think of it as resting and recovering. Hopefully you get good sleep tonight. Run for fun if you don't feel up to burning it out there. Your body may need a good run to clean out the cobwebs after this week.

  2. I hope the wine tasted perfect with the dinner and friends. If you did the 10K today too, I AM impressed, especially after the kind of week you had. Maybe the race will let you run off the tension of all that story digging.

  3. That's what you look like? Maybe I need to start running more...