Tuesday, March 29, 2005

But it's all so yummy

Here is just some of the food I've eaten today:
2 1/2 homemade salty oat cookies
a grande skim latte from Fourbucks
1/4 of a black-bottomed cupcake, also from Fourbucks
a heaping plate of spaghetti
A romaine salad with balsamic vinegar dressing
2 pieces of garlic bread
a double shot of espresso
2 pork tamales
Many handfuls of chips and salsa
1 Swirl (a mix of sangria and margarita)
1 mini brownie
a handful of baby carrots
1 chocolate mini-Easter egg
1 glass of Pinot Grigio

Geez. Just call me The Mouth That Ate Washington, D.C.

Running Update: It was a perfect, sunny, slightly breezy afternoon. So I snuck out for 45 minutes to change and go for a 5-mile run. Felt wonderful, though my right calf is pretty sore now.

I checked out my running form in the shadow I cast on the ground. Square those shoulders, girl! So I did.


  1. Its wierd seeing what other people eat. For some odd reason I always think people eat what I eat. Then I see them in line at the supermarket and wonder "Why are buying that?". Wierd, huh?

  2. Ahahahaha...I have been like that this week. I think it's the weather changing back and forth, but definately stress induced. Oh, but is one week really gonna kill ya?

    If you haven't seen "Super Size Me," you should. McDonalds can kill.

  3. I hate Starbucks and Cosi, I wish there was a good coffee shop in this town.