Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Dead Legs

Wake up, Bex!: Sitting at my kitchen table with the newspaper yesterday, I realized that the Cherry Blossom 10-miler is on April 3. As in one week. Seven stinking short days. And that I haven't run 10 miles in one go since January.

"Damn," I thought. "Better get up and run 10 miles already."

Outside, rain crashed down ceaselessly, creating rivers of water in the streets. So I drove to the gym and pounded out 10 miles on the 'mill. I interspersed the run with a tiny bit of interval training. If you can call it that. I just made it up as I went along:

Mile 1: Warm-up between 9:31 and 9:05 pace
Mile 2: 7:30 pace
Mile 3: 8:00 pace
Miles 4-9.5: Btwn 8:35 and 8:57 pace
Mile 9.5-10: 8:19 pace

Total time: 1:25:47

One huge caveat: I took three water breaks, the first for 1 minute, the other two for 30 seconds each. So, had this been a race, you'd have to add 2 minutes to the total time. I'm not sure if I can run that fast this Sunday. The vagaries of weather, road and crowd conditions, plus a bad case of nerves, can throw a race.

I was totally beat at the end, by the way. Just. Wiped. Out.

But I hadn't done an upper-body workout in a couple of days, so after resting 15 minutes, I did 30 minutes of chest, back and arms work with free weights. Then I hobbled home and collapsed. Completely starved, I ate a bowl of pasta, with marinara sauce and chicken, the size of my head. Then some toast with Nutella and peanut butter. And I didn't share it with anybody.

Today, I did a lunchtime kickboxing class. My whole body's tired. But in a good way.

Model redux: Maybe I shouldn't have included that link to my doppelganger in my last post. I've gotten a couple of snarky e-mails. But I didn't do it to say, 'Hey, I look good!" Rather, I did it because while we think each of is unique, that's apparently not the case. At least in the physical sense. Sometimes, someone exists who shares some - or a lot - of the same or similar physical attributes as you.

And that, my friends, is totally freaky.


  1. Well good job on pounding out 10 miles like that. Think of those water breaks as passing the aid stations at the race. :)

    Someone sent snarky emails? That's stupid! People are wierd. Hey, if I looked like that, I'd put the picture up too.

    Well, ok, if I looked like that I'd feel really wierd because like I'd be a guy with a distinctly feminine body. Ofcourse, I could do modeling for women's clothes, but just not tell people I was a guy. Then everyone would think I was an arrogant transvestite who puts up pictures of myself. But I'd be totally rich because I was a model so I wouldn't care.

    I think I worked my way out of that.

  2. I thought she was a cute model. If I looked like her I'd put a link to the pic.

    Great work out. I like Nutella for dipping apples.

  3. Ten treadmill miles. That is an accomplishment, in and of itself. And THEN you did weights. Wow. My mouth is agape in awe.

  4. snarky? eh heh...

    my comment was just a hat tip to the self-absorbed...

    but of course the model was lovely and so by inference must you be considered same... we gather...