Wednesday, March 09, 2005

"Don't Know Why, There's No Sun in the Sky ...."

Yes, that's right, sing it, Billie: "Stormy Weath-uuhh ...."

All of Florida, including thousands of tee-shirt and shorts-clad tourists, are in shock over the state's rainy, windy and cold weather the past couple of days. The wind rattles the palm trees, the rain pummels the blue cabanas by a choppy and green-gray ocean, and the beach is barren of human life.

The hotel guests are inside their rooms watching cable TV or nursing their disappointment over a cold beer in the subterranean aquarium hotel bar. As for me, after a morning's worth of seminars and appointments, I'm taking a quick break to check my e-mail and voice-mail.

Running Update: Well, umm, I haven't run in the past two days. I blame travel and work. And the traffic in Miami is horrendous (I sat in traffic for 1 1/2 hours yesterday during morning rush hour. No kidding.), which cuts down on my available time to exercise. But that doesn't excuse me.

After all, I'm running in a St. Patrick's Day 10k this Saturday. Nothing like writing that to jumpstart a sense of impending doom. Kidding. Or maybe not. I'm a bit worried. Are you like me - when you don't exercise for more than a day, you start feeling a bit anxious and pudgy?

Thanks to all who commented, encouraging me to stick with the advanced running group. I'll hang with them as long as I can. I definitely do feel as if I'm getting, if not faster (they make me feel so slow!), at least stronger, both mentally and endurance-wise.

Today I'm going to run at least 8 miles, then do a quick free-weights workout. Onward and upward ...


  1. I feel particularly pudgy if the scale says I'm up compared with yesterday. Seems stupid because there's no way you are gaining or losing real weight in a day. Its all mental.

  2. Is the traffic worse than DC? That's hard to imagine. I detest the drive from DC south during rush hour, which seems to be most of any day:)
    Good luck in the race...and have fun.

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  4. Bex, if you're still here in Florida I fear your day was worse than yesterday. What crappy weather (at least 200 miles north of Miami it is). And one way to get here from Miami is some more of that intrepid I-95 super highway.
    I applaud you for sticking with the fasties. You WILL get faster; I have no doubt.

  5. Hi Bex,
    Good luck on your 10k, I wish I were that motivated enough to run. Running was never my strongest suit in school, I was always the last one to finish running laps in P.E..

    So the weather in Florida isn't good, eh? In Vegas it's beginning to warm up. It was about 80 degrees today. I'm glad Spring is coming - I'm tired of cold weather.