Friday, March 18, 2005

Raring to Go

Quickie post, guys: Thanks so much for your comments on my last race. Yes, I will definitely time myself in future races with a Forerunner or my trusty old-fashioned watch. I have learned my lesson.

It's been a totally weird week at work. First I was fighting some nasty bug. Then I was fighting with my editor. 'Nuff said about that little contretemps. Yesterday was the first day I felt 100 percent better, and I've also resolved conflicts with said editor.

Today I'm raring to run.

Spring is almost here. It's a freaking gorgeous day: 50 degrees and sunny. There are finally buds on the trees, and they may blossom in the next couple of weeks.

This evening I'll do a cardio-sculpting class, then a quick three miles. Tomorrow is my weekly run with my fleet 10K group, but I'm not sure I want to attempt keeping up with these hares so soon after being sick. I may just run alone for 6-7 miles, then head out with them next week. Sunday is a 10-mile long run with my friend, A

Hey, I've still got to run the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler in two weeks.

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  1. 50? Nice! We have 40 but got snow last night. Freezing rain tonight and tomorrow. :(