Sunday, March 20, 2005

Weekend Running

First Day of Spring: It's a beautiful day outside, 50 degrees, sunny, and the air is so fresh, I can almost smell the grass growing. But I'm inside, writing a tech story on deadline. Ah, well. I may just have to take a break soon to feel the sun on my face.

Damn BloggerBot: I've been trying to post photos here from my Miami trip as well as a photo of me after the St. Patrick's Day 10k for the past 24 hours. But BloggerBot seems to be having problems. Stay tuned ....

Running Update: I did an 8-mile run this morning, when it was still chilly and rainy, with my friend, A. It felt more like February than the first hopeful day of spring. What's more, I felt terrible at first - last night I had a blinding headache, the kind so painful it makes one dizzy and nauseous. This morning I felt much improved, but still queasy, and the headache, while vastly reduced, sat behind my left temple like a nasty little troll.

We started out at an 8 1/2-minute/mile clip, though by the end, we were running a full minute per mile slower. Midway through mile 1, I felt so queasy I thought I'd have to stop to throw up. But I didn't say anything because, damn it, I'm not a whiner. I'm glad I didn't, because by the end of mile 3, I felt much better. I think the cool spring air was blowing out all the cobwebs from my head and lungs.

We stopped every several miles to stretch and so A. could catch her breath, as she hadn't run in a while. That was fine by me, even though by mile 6 I was feeling pretty dang good. Almost 100 percent, in fact. By mile 7, I wanted to speed up to 5k pace, but I could tell A. wanted to run together, so I didn't. I can always do a little interval training tonight.

No photographers, please: So the St. Pat's Day 10k folks e-mailed me two photos from the race. You will not find them here.

In one, at mile 4, I'm waving to the camera - I look happy but I'm really drugged and out of it (on cold meds). In the second, I look like a wild woman: I'd torn off my skully cap and gloves and was clenching them in both fists. Red-faced, grimacing and sweating, I was looking with a gimlet eye towards the finish line.


  1. Wow, blogger's working. Amazing. First, congrats on your race, despite the timing issues. Second, isn't mile 3 always the turning point? I try not to think about what I'm doing until then. And Hooray for Spring.

  2. Sounds like a nasty migraine. Glad it cleared out ok for you.

    And the only thing worse than Blogger, is my rotten dial-up connection. I was happy to escape blogger, but it still tortures me because alot of my favorite blogs are on it. Grrr.

    Sounds like you had a good run, despite wanting to die initially. I wonder what the heck that was. Usually a migraine would get worse with running, as do alot of colds and stuff. Hmmm.

    No race photos? :(

  3. I run for recreation but I finished 8th in a 10K a few months ago at my community center. The spring air does smell nice.