Saturday, June 18, 2005

Knees and the Runners That Love Them

Mortality Strikes: I woke up Friday feeling perky and rested. Then my feet hit the floor and a stabbing pain went through my left knee. I took a step. Another bolt of pain. Sh**t. I felt fine the night before. And now this.

The pain was on the right side of the knee, the medial cruciate ligament, I believe. Walking - or rather, hobbling - to the Metro, the pain lessened as I warmed up. But when I sat for more than 15 minutes then tried to walk, the knee felt incredibly stiff and painful.

I opted out of a 6-mile run and decided to do just 30 minutes on the elliptical machine instead (intensity level: 15-16, rpms: 62). Easier on the knee joints, supposedly. That was a mistake. While the knee didn't hurt on the machine, it throbbed afterwards. I should have just rested.

I was in a rotten mood all day and all night. I thought, "I'm going to have months of physical therapy" and "What the hell happened?!" and "I was just starting to get the hang of this running thang."

A new day: I woke up this morning and gingerly flexed my knee. Hey ... much better. The pain was 75 percent gone. I could put my whole weight on it and bend my knee without wincing. By mid-day, the pain had completely disappeared. My knee is back to its uncomplaining, compliant self. Hello, knee. Nice to have you back.

What the heck happened? Any runners out there ever experienced this strange, 24-hour knee malady? No long run tomorrow. I'll give my knee one more day of rest, just in case. I'll hit the pool (hunting for swimming goggles) for laps, instead.

Beach-ready: Speaking of water, today I returned four out of six bikinis and a skirt I'd ordered at J. Crew. Here's the bottom to one of the two swimsuits I kept. Does this say Aloha, Summer! or what?!

Gidget, eat your heart out.


  1. What a strange knee malade :/. I've had little twinges that last a day but yours sounded more severe. How great that it cleared up!
    I give the bikini bottom a 98; I could dance to it.

  2. This will sound dumb but I get those knee pains when I am resting. When I have a stepdown week, and the mileage has dropped, or if I have two rest days in a row, the pain begins. Its wierd. Maybe its like the last scab on a big wound healing up.

    And is that a bikini? Oh my.

    You know, Deene (DurteeMartini) had a whole slideshow of bikini pics... :)

  3. Ice is your friend! I get odd knee pains constantly. Ice it when it hurts. And you might look into orthotics if you don't already have them. Which involves trip to podiatrist. Which is a pain of a different sort.

    You're gonna do some serious swimming in that bikini, I can tell!