Thursday, June 16, 2005

Missing Tahoe

E. driving the boat home. Sunset. Lake Tahoe's west shore, California. Photo credit: Bex.

Today's low humidity, cerulean June sky and cirrocumulous clouds reminds me of summer in Tahoe. E. and I usually go there at summer's end, not at its start, which is what we did this year. But I suppose Hawaii in August for our honeymoon will be an okay (sigh) consolation prize.

Kidding. Hawaii will be fabulous. Expensive. But fabulous.

We'll be there 10 days - one night in Waikiki, then on to Maui for the next nine. On the agenda: Hiking and biking down Haleakala; snorkeling, horseback riding, eating lots of great food (bring on the poke and kalau pig!), exploring Maui's upcountry, and lazing on the beach.

Anyone have any tips for Hawaii? Forget about driving the road to Hana. I can think of better things to do than battling monstrous tourbuses on a treacherous two-lane, and at times one-lane road with sheer 1,000-foot drops, thank you very much.

Running Update: Ran 3 miles this afternoon with my friend and colleague, M. It was challenging to run together, as we have different paces. We're the same height, but she has a shorter stride. I tried to coach her a bit - being such the experienced runner (hah!) I am. Encouraged her to lean slightly forward when running up a hill, and lengthening her stride when going downhill.

I meant to run another 3, but once she stopped, I lost momentum, and just did some crunches and push-ups. After work, I quaffed two drinks and ate mini-burgers and tuna ahi sashimi here with my friend, S.

Metro'ed home, changing train cars midway through as a man sitting nearby wouldn't stop staring. Sat down in front of the TV, feeling slightly logey. Realized I didn't want to watch TV. Too boring.

So I laced up my spare pair of running shoes, donned a faded old t-shirt and shorts, walked out the door and breathed in the mild Virginia night air. I bounced lightly on my toes for a second.

Then I ran 3 more miles. Fast.

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  1. Three more miles. Fast!
    That's the right idea. I love that feeling.