Saturday, June 11, 2005

So, a woman walks into a bar....

I had a meeting downtown yesterday, and it ended at 4 p.m., earlier than I expected. I hadn't eaten lunch yet, so I walked five blocks in the sweltering heat, dodging slow-moving bovine tourists, to one of my favorite tapas restaurants.

I sat at the bar, which was fairly empty. Ordered steamed mussels in a basil broth, and fried calamari with aioli. Yum. Then, after a nano-second of hesitation, I said, "Oh, and a glass of sangria, please." What the heck. It was Friday, after all.

The place started filling up. I noticed that the only women at the bar seemed a tad uncomfortable, tense, even. They relaxed only when their friend/significant other joined them. As I sipped my sangria, I mused, "Why is it that women shy away from dining alone in restaurants, or, God forbid, have a drink alone at the bar?"

I travel about once a month for my job, so I have to dine alone. I could invite one of my sources. But I usually don't. That's because when alone, I have space to think, relax, and eat, without having to entertain anybody or wonder if I have something in my teeth while chatting.

A strange middle-aged man did try to pick me up. Which was awkward, more for him than me. And I got "come-hither" vibes from two others. But that's par for the course. What do you women think? Do you ever eat out alone in nice restaurants? Taco Bell does not count.

For your viewing pleasure: There will be no bikini-clad photos of me on this blog. You weirdos. And I say that with love. :-) I lack the exhibitionist gene, alas. But these gals harbor no such inhibitions.


  1. That must be wierd to have guys try to pick you up in bars. I mean, aren't you kinda laughing inside, knowing that they are trying everything they can think of, hoping you are going to "give them something nice" in return? Like it isn't obvious what their intentions are?

    I never had problems with women trying to pick me up. :D

    And no bikini pics? Damn. I was going to post my new Speedo pics, but now? Forget it. It was leopard skin too.

  2. No photo of the leopard skin speedo?! Damn. You know how to disappoint a girl.

    Re guys trying to pick me up: Well, I was in a bar, after all - though it was part of a nice restaurant. Unless a woman is a total hag or mean, it's likely that a man would hit on her.

  3. All's fair in love and bars.

    And that bikini link was unfair. I was distracted from my blog reading for far too long. Shame on you.

  4. hey what's weird about wanting to see a pretty girl in a bikini!!!??? ;D
    Reasonably attractive women, I imagine, just have to put up with getting hit on... 'tis the nature of the beast. And good for you on doing as you please in a bar or restaurant.

    ok maganda. peace.

  5. A wise man (see comments from David above) once told me to get out of my hotel room when I traveled and sit at the bar for dinner. I've had such fun ever since I took him up on his advice:)

  6. I only recently ventured out on my own, in hopes of having a few drinks, food and get some work done. But alas, I was not left alone long at all and despite being polite, a certain man would not go away. Haven't tried it since then.

    But I will say you do have good taste. Jaleo is delicious.

  7. DC Girl: Men will come, no doubt about it - it's a bar, after all. But unless they're psycho, they'll get the message that you don't want to be bothered.