Friday, June 10, 2005

Bikini Beach Party

So the bikinis I ordered from J. Crew last week came in the mail. I don't know what I was thinking: Our loft is now awash in hot pink, preppy striped seersucker, blue hawaiian print and maroon halter swim tops and two types of bikini bottoms: string-tie and classic. And I just got an e-mail from J.Crew saying that the two other bikinis I ordered (!) but were on back-order just got shipped today.


The swimsuits were on sale, and I didn't know which ones would fit me, so I went a bit crazy on the online ordering. I thought, "Well, I can just return the ones that don't fit me." The problem is that all do. That has never happened before. I guess all of the running has helped.

But I can't keep all of them.
For one thing, I can't swim laps in bikinis, and whenever I'm in the water, it's in the YMCA pool to do just that. I'd like to just have one (okay, maybe two) two-piece swimsuits for lounging on the beaches in Hawaii (where I'm going in August) or the Philippines (in July). But not six.

No Pain, No Gain:
Again, 3 miles fairly fast (25 minutes) yesterday. I've got to stop doing these short, quick runs as much, and start upping the mileage again. It's just been a bit hard to find the time during the week. Anyone want to run 8 miles with me tomorrow or Sunday morning?! I'll be the one on the Mt. Vernon trail, running slowly but determinedly.

It only goes up from here, folks. Next weekend, it's 9 miles. The weekend after, 10 miles. And on, and on. However, my longest race in the next few months is only a half-marathon, so I'll stop at 14 miles.


  1. i think their suits are fitting really well this year; same thing happened to me. very happy with my purchase from them. i say keep 'em all. how often do you find suits that fit perfectly??!

  2. Heh, heh. Guess you just have to keep them all. :D

  3. so when is the Bex summer calendar coming out? hmmmMMM?

  4. i'm a loyal reader, and even a bit of a perv (i likes the pretty women and all), so please don't think i'm saying this in anything but a constructive spirit.

    i'm sure you don't intend this at all, but i think you should give some thought to the 'i hate fat people and i look great in bikinis, tee-hee' vibe that you're giving off lately.

    i'm just sayin'.