Wednesday, August 17, 2005

All Work and No Play ...

Makes Bex a dull girl. Not to mention crabby. And tired as all git out. (It's 3:09 a.m. and no one's awake 'cept me and the crickets outside my window, chirping for all they're worth.)

I'm too exhausted to organize this post, so forgive me for spilling the contents of my brain on this little 'ol blog (I seem to be channeling Jed Clampitt - I blame the late hour.)

Tomorrow (or actually, today) I head to Minneapolis for a few days on business (guess who hasn't packed yet?!). May have to work on a story not related to the trip while there, such as interviewing sources - one of them hopefully a midwestern governor I've had trouble contacting. I hate working on a different story than the one I'm traveling for. But I'll manage.

I return to the office on Monday. On Tuesday, we're Hawaii-bound.

Running Update: Logged almost 7 miles with the training group last Saturday. Our coach, after being away for three weeks on holiday, showed up and set a pretty good clip (about 9:05/mile) for such a hot and humid morning (the heat index: a steaming 100!).

It was a great workout. Six of us hung on to him, while the remaining six ate his dust. I ran at the front of the pack much of the time. I tend to do that as people in my group don't want to take turns leading. Fine by me. Frankly, the run seems less arduous when I'm up front (even though I'm drafting everybody).

On Monday, I ran 4 miles by myself, then did a quick free weights workout. It was only 5 p.m., and the Capital Crescent trail shimmered in the August heat. It was so humid that steam from a recent rain shower rose from the blacktop. Nice.

I started off slow, running the first half-mile in 5:10, then picked up the pace for the remaining 3 1/2 miles for an average 8:50/mile pace. I was gasping like a fish out of water soon enough. The last two miles were especially tough: I was running on a 3 percent grade and into a headwind. Though the breeze felt good.

I focused on keeping my form towards the end (Head up! Shoulders straight! Arms relaxed!), when my body wanted to collapse. That, and the bucket of ice cubes I was going empty over my head at the finish.

Today - or rather yesterday - I was too damn busy to run. Yet another reason why I'm ornery.

Barkeep! Keep the drinks flowing: One bright spot this week was a happy hour bash with some colleagues and friends on Monday night to celebrate my impending nuptials.

I told them not to do anything obnoxious or "hen-nightish" (I'm blanking on the American term) such as making me kiss five random men or wear a white veil (gag). So the 18 of us (including a few boys) took over the bar here and just drank lots of sangria and ate plate after plate of tapas.

The marriage bug seems to be going around. Four other people in my company are tying the knot soon. Many of us are in our 30's and probably thinking, "Well, I can run. But I can't hide forever."

I'm kidding. Okay, half-kidding. Many people say that planning a wedding and getting married is very stressful. Yes (raising hand), I can vouch for that. You must have the patience of Job.

I've gotten some great, calming advice from fellow RBF'ers and blog-readers re hitching up. Trying to be Zen about it. Last week I actually scheduled my first-ever acupuncture session in hopes of relieving some stress.

But then I got too busy to go. No worries - I'll take out my frustrations on the trails. I've got a 10-miler coming up soon ...


  1. And no sleep either....that's not good. I'm curious about the acupuncture; it is something I've always wanted to try. Your night out sounded like just what you needed:)

  2. "I ran at the front of the pack much of the time. I tend to do that as people in my group don't want to take turns leading. Fine by me. Frankly, the run seems less arduous when I'm up front (even though I'm drafting everybody)."

    This is what Paula Radcliffe did in training and races. Kinda funny to see you saying the same thing.

    The tough thing about the wedding planning is that the big day goes by very quickly. Seems a shame for all the work that goes into it. Take lots of pictures and video.

  3. Really, Paula said the same thing?! Cool.

    No if only had the lungs and legs Paula does ....