Saturday, August 06, 2005

Running Q&A

NCmunchkin tagged me on this running survey. Thanks for tagging me. Here are my answers, given on the fly after a 7.75 mile run with my running group (update to come):

1. What are you training for now?
I plan to run the Army 10-Miler on Oct. 2, the Baltimore Marathon (relay team) soon after, and the Las Vegas Half-Marathon in early December. I may also run a few more in September and November, but don't know which ones yet.

2. If you are raising money for a cause, what is it and why is it important to you?
Not raising money for a cause, though I've donated money to such races. However, I've been thinking of running a marathon to raise money for something that desperately needs more attention and funding: environmental protection.

3. What is the farthest running you've done in training and what is the farthest running you'll do before your event? Ever?
I've only been running a year, mind you. The farthest I've run is 13 miles. I'll likely run 15 miles before the Las Vegas Marathon.

4. What is your favorite flavor of gu (or other sports gel)?
I'm a traditionalist: Original. Vanilla's okay. Haven't tried the other flavors.

5. How many days per week do you run?
Well, I'm starting to run 5 days a week. Hopefully, I can keep that up. Ask me in another month. I may tell you a different story.

6. Are you injured in any way right now?
Perish the thought! No. And I hate to even think about the possibility.

7. What is the one type of running clothing/gear (shoes don't count) you can't live without?
Hair elastics. I need two to gather my long hair into a ponytail, keeping my hair out of my face and off my neck.

8. Do you have a talisman you are planning to take to your event? If so, tell us.
Nope. If I can't eat it or drink it, I'm not carrying it. I'm sentimental like that (wink).

9. Share one thing about yourself we don't know.
In 6th grade, I punched Marty, a skinny bully with a bad haircut, hard in the face for teasing me. Everyone cheered, and he started crying.


  1. Thanks for taking Marty out. I never liked him either, the jerk. I think he is a naif now (Jon).

    And as I follow the answers to this quiz around the RBFamily I am glad to see someone else prefers the original plain flavor Gu. Cheers.

  2. Marty--he was asking for it! and you gave it to him, but good.

    god, don't you wish life were still so easy?? :)

  3. Environmental protection? Now that's a good cause. Though I may be biased seeing as I work for EPA.

  4. I love your blog - I've just found it. I'll be back!

  5. Yeah for punching Marty. Bullies need to be put in their place. And only running a year? Wow, you're a natural.

  6. Can you come and punch the snooty colleague down the hall?
    Marty deserved it.

  7. I love your running gear must have! I think I'd die without my ponytail holder. Good luck in your upcoming races!


  8. Yes, Marty was never a likeable fellow. And I would be more than happy to punch snooty colleagues. They're just asking for it ....