Thursday, August 04, 2005

I'm still here ...

I've been so busy with wedding/honeymoon/reception plans, work, running, and travel that I didn't have the time this week to post. Until now.

I'm dead-dog tired, but it's been awhile since I've talked to my millions of fans around the world (smirk). So here's my stop-gap measure: Spend just 10-15 minutes a night updating you on what's going on in my little world. I've got 7 minutes left.

Onward!: I ran 5.5 miles tonight with K., from my running group. Last night I ran 3 fast by myself; on Tuesday I ran 6 with M., also from my running group, and on Monday I logged 4 at a fast pace. All in stultifying heat.

Friends possible?: Tonight's run with K. was, shall we say, enlightening. Really nice guy, early 30's, blonde hair, blue eyes. Cute. He works as a government contractor, though couldn't divulge what he did (Weapons? Homeland Security? Hmmm).

But that's not what was interesting. He braved horrendous Beltway rush-hour traffic to Georgetown, where we ran. I told him earlier this week that we could meet somewhere closer to where he worked, in Northern Virginia.

He said Georgetown was fine. Well, okay by me. G'town is easier to get to than NoVa.

He kept up a happy chatter while we ran at about a 9:20 to 9:30 pace. He asked me lots of questions, e.g. Do you have brothers or sisters? Do you miss California? Do you like your job? How long have you been working at [name of newspaper here]?

Hmm. Did he Google me? I don't remember telling him where I worked. Though I'm so tired right now, I can barely remember my own name.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed his company, and we joked a lot. Then, in answer to his question about whether I ever want to work for the Washington Post, I mentioned that my SO used to be a reporter there.

Dead silence on his end for the next half-mile.

"Oh," I thought. Realization dawned on me. For some obscure reason, I felt guilty. My stomach started to hurt. Then I felt frustrated. Can men and women ever be just friends?

This is not the first time this has happened to me. The rest of the run was a bit awkward, though he made a valiant effort to keep up conversation.

I used to have some great guy friends. I loved the casual camaraderie we had. In some ways, it was easier than hanging out with my female friends.

But then we all moved away from each other, got married, or otherwise started new lives. And I've found out that women don't like their husbands or boyfriends hanging out with other women, even though they're just friends.

We made plans to run again next week, even though he gave me a smile that was of definitely lower wattage than at the beginning of the run. "Maybe we should meet in Northern Virginia next time," he said.



  1. Hehehe... it reminds me of that episode from Seinfeld where the woman stayed at Jerry's apt b/c she need a place to crash while in town and he later found out she had a boyfriend. Classic.

    And yes, guys and girls can be friends... if the guy is gay. Or if the girl is butt ugly. You might just have to resign yourself to sticking with girl friends. :)

  2. too bad he had a different idea. he sounds like a great guy. [ps probably has a clearance, too!]

  3. Oh, I miss guy friends. When did that all stop?

    You may be too pretty for him to want you just for your friendship.

    Maybe you could entice him by telling him about all the fabulous single ladies you know...:)

  4. But did we ever really *have* guy friends? Or was it really like 'Harry' said, that we can never truly be friends because sex will always get in the way?

    (Harry being Billy Crystal of course)

  5. OMG, Dianna once again read my mind. I swear as I read this post, that was exactly what I was thinking of too.

    And when you said he had braved rush hour traffic to go run with you, it was obvious he had romantic intentions. Is that just obvious to guys?

    Funny though, your first descriptive terms of him were how he looked. You even threw in "cute". For someone who isn't looking, its interesting that you started with that. Maybe just habit, or natural for people to start with what someone looks like.

    Oh well. These things happen. Hopefully you've got yourself another running anyway (until he has to leave for a secret spy mission in China or the middle east).

    By the way, I think you made up the word "stultifying". :D

  6. Sure we can have guy friends and running partners, but it has to be VERY CLEAR that you are quite attached to your SO anytime you are making guy friends. This is a little harder without a wedding ring, but I think it is necessary to work in conversation about your spoken-for lifestyle when you are setting up joint runs with guys.

  7. He is cute - but he's not my type. In fact, I'm hoping he'll run with me and another (female) runner later this week, in hopes that they'll hit it off.

    Perhaps I should have somehow worked in when we were making plans to run last week that I'm spoken for. But I was worried that it would sound like a non sequitur (sp?) and sound forced. As if I were thinking that it would by anything more than a run in the first place. I also wear an engagement ring - you'd think that would be a big clue that I have an SO.

  8. I am laughing. Sorry.
    Bex, I'll be your running buddy if I ever get to DC. SO can be all jealous if he wants to be. It will keep his attention on you :).

  9. huh... what the... who are these people...
    anyway, no is the answer.

  10. If he's cute I'm sure he'll have no trouble finding a fellow looker. Those of us who need to rely on personality have a tougher time because we're always rushing to meet the attention-span threshold of the other person. How clever and memorable can I be in 2 minutes?! If only I were a runner.