Monday, August 01, 2005

Nothing like a deadline ...

to jumpstart your day. Whew: I just reported and wrote from home a brief on legislative news. I started at 6:45 a.m. Now it's 9 am. Time to jump in the shower, get ready, and head to the office.

Real quickly: That was mostly the wine talking (see below). But you'd have to be a half-wit or a naif to jump into marriage with rose-colored glasses. It has to be more a leap of faith with eyes wide open. More on that later.

Read this: My SO, E., wrote a story in yesterday's Washington Post magazine. Read it here.


  1. [Jon digging through the dictionary] (heh, heh)...nag...nai...naif!

    Damn. Journalists have too much vocabulary for me. What ever happened to the 6 grade reading level for news?

    Uh, that isn't the 6th grade level is it?

  2. Hey, I read that story, and I loved it! Didn't know the connection.

    You have indeed jumped back in with both feet ... speeding, as usual!

  3. Glad you're back and had such a great trip.

    You've been tagged on my blog now. Check it out so you can give us your responses.

  4. Jon: Journalists have to be good at vocabulary, because we tend to be semi-retarded on math ....

  5. E's article was seductive. Made me want to go down to the library, drag a streeter in with me and find some kids to teach backgammon (helpful math skills).