Sunday, July 31, 2005

Four Chardonnays into the wind

I probably shouldn't be posting at all, as I'm a bit tight: I imbibed at least four glasses of white wine at a housewarming party for an old friend (I also scarfed prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, chips and salsa, cured salmon and mini-brownies like there was no tomorrow).

There were some Washington Post editors and reporters there, some of whom were friends we hadn't seen in a long while (one was in Baghdad reporting on the Iraq war for 2 years) . I even got a story idea from one of them. Also got comments and suggestions on our "after-glow" un-wedding reception in October.

I'm freaking a bit out on that. Both on the expense and the fact that I'm actually tying the knot. Which is very scary. Deep down, I'm not sure I'm the marrying type.

But anyway.

(Oh, I'm feeling a bit dizzy. I've been weaving a bit since 10 pm.)

Running Update: I ran 7-8 miles, or 1 hour and 10 minutes, with my intermediate group at 7:30 this morning on the Mt. Vernon trail, which parallels the Potomac. This was my first time with the group since the introductory run a few weeks ago, as I was in the Philippines for the past 2 Saturdays.

I ran with K., who is this very nice guy, who asked me all about my recent trip overseas. I was unfortunately a bit distracted, as it was one of my first runs since returning from Asia. Then I hung back and chatted with J., who was in my advanced running group for a Mother's Day 10k earlier this spring, before she dropped out and joined the intermediate group.

The pace was pretty easy for me, even though I hadn't run in awhile. But then, I'm not really used to running at a comfortable pace. I tend to run faster than I should on my long runs. I even picked up the pace after the turn-around. Though my pace wasn't very fast at all. No more than 8:40 a mile. I caught up with the lead group and chatted with them for a minute.

Then I ran ahead for the last mile. At the very last dozen yards, I heard pounding and labored breathing behind me. I ignored it, thinking it was some clodhopper who wasn't part of our group.

But it was K. (!), who pushed it the last 2 miles to catch up, then ultimately pass me. Love that competitive streak.


  1. What's wrong with red? I guess white is better suited for summer, and it's free. If my party drinking goes beyond 2, it usually doesn't affect my judgment but I have trouble continuing conversation because the synapses aren't all firing.

    I wish I knew WaPo people. Best I usually get is fellow dorks from niche pubs.

    Do you think marriage is inevitable? I know there are growing numbers of lifetime single people, but I have trouble taking people seriously - like a spunky female coworker - who say they never want to get married. Fidelity is a whole other issue, but is it really possible to never get married and live into old age?

  2. Not the marrying type? Uh oh. Not exactly good things to be thinking while working on marriage plans. Maybe its just the wine talking.

    I hear ya on running the long runs too fast. Something about being out there running makes me want to race. Gotta work on the training discipline.

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  4. Pacing is also a problem for me, but the opposite of yours. I tend to run too slow and then speed up for the last 1/4 of the race when I realize I still have excess energy left.

    With both the Annual St Patrick's Day 10K and the Sallie Mae 10k, my pace is so much faster after mile 5 and I actually sprint the last .2 miles.

  5. Greg: Methinks that coworker protest too much. It seems the vast majority of women (and men) want to get married. She'll likely get married in the next 5 years, when her clock starts ringing.

    I'm not sure if marriage is inevitable. I do think it's a brave thing to do, esp. these days.