Friday, August 26, 2005

T Minus 12 1/2 Hours and Counting ....

Aloha from Hawaii, from a ridiculously photogenic beach resort on a crescent-shaped beach on West Maui. I am two mai tais to the wind.

Tomorrow is my wedding day. I was just looking at Martha Stewart's Weddings magazine, and I realized that I do not have a bouquet for tomorrow morning's nuptials ceremony, scheduled at 0900. Guess I need to stop at the local grocery store to grab a bunch of local flowers. Nor do I have appropriate shoes. My white strappy sandals, which I usually wear with my rather preppy strapless summer dresses, will have to suffice.

I have not blogged for a week. Much has happened, my friends. Lots of work, 4-5 good runs (on steep hills!), and thousands of miles of air travel. We flew from Washington, D.C. to Honolulu on Tuesday. E. flew America West, while I flew Northwest Airlines as I used frequent flyer miles.

I flew first class all the way, which means that I actually got fed surprisingly decent meals, the flight attendants were extremely courteous to me, and they served us decent drinks (mai tais with pineapple slices and tiny umbrellas!) on the way to Lotus Land (see Tennyson, Lord Alfred).

We spent the night in Waikiki, where the hotel (the Sheraton Waikiki) sent us a bottle of champagne to toast us on our impending wedding. Very sweet. E. and I only argued once or twice, and the next day, we hopped on a puddle-jumper to Maui.

By the way, Waikiki, which is chockablock with high-end boutiques and couture shops (e.g. Tiffany, Prada, Max Mara), is full of Japanese tourists. And they do love to shop. Hawaii is closer to Tokyo than it is to Washington, D.C., you know.

We ate at a fairly inexpensive Japanese noodle shop for dinner. Then we retired to our room, which looked over the beach at Diamond Head. Which is unspeakably picturesque. I took a photo, and will post it once I return on the mainland over the Labor Day weekend.

Damn it, I see that the computer here in the hotel lobby will boot me off in 10 minutes. Y'all are going to have to learn more about my nuptials and how I'm keeping up with my running tomorrow. After I've made an honest man of E.

Taking the plunge, folks. Wish me luck.


  1. Many, many congratulations! Enjoy your day :-)

  2. 0900? Is that 0900 here or 0900 there?! Its 0850 right now here, but your post says you posted at 9:00pm, but I don't know the time zone. Can't imagine why you'd get married in the middle of the night so its got to be 0900 your time. I think.

    Anyway, congratulations if you are already married, good luck if you are about to get married, and yeah for Bex and E.!

    (Hey, do we get to find out E's real name now?)

  3. Congratulations to both of you! Listen a lot. Speak less. Love with everything you have. Here's to a long, happy life together.

  4. The wedding must be over so enjoy your honeymoon and make notes to write about it all later. It'll make for a wonderful story next week and next year and beyond.
    (What am I talking about - take notes on a honeymoon? That's expecting you to have time to yourself and that just doesn't seem congruous.)

  5. Congratulations to you and E! I can't wait to see pictures of the happily married couple!!

  6. Holy crow! Didn't realize this was coming so soon!!

    Only one fight? That's pretty good!

    Congrats, bex and E. Onward.

  7. congrats. But bex... uhm... how do i say this... you are now doing your wedding/honeymoon thing... perhaps blogging isn't the crucial thing atm - how about go have some fun and leave the keyboard behind for a while... ;/ most of us will likely be here, and still living, when you get back... geesh.

  8. Thanks so much for all the good wishes! We got married at 9 AM Saturday in Hawaii, which means that it was 3 pm on the east coast and 12 pm on the west coast. The time stamp on my posts are on Hawaii time.