Thursday, September 29, 2005

A Quick Note ...

To say thank you for the advice on whether I should run the Las Vegas Marathon on Dec. 4, given that I haven't run more than, oh, 13-14 miles at a time. (See posting from a week or so ago for the backstory.)

I've e-mailed the race organizers with a letter and my registration receipt from last year, telling them that while I paid the fee, I didn't run the half-marathon because I came down with the flu. Hopefully, they'll credit me for this race.

If they waive the registration fee for this year's marathon (they've eliminated the half-marathon component), then I'll decide what to do.

If I run the LV race, I'll have to step up my training double-time: I'll be the one running on the trails this November in the early winter pre-dawn, in a pink hat and gloves to bar against the cold, and will probably be cursing to myself.

If I don't run the Vegas marathon, then I'll set my cap for the Napa Valley Marathon in March, 2006. Anyone care to join me?!


  1. hi bex :) i typically just lurk on your blog, but i wanted to give my 2 cents here --

    i think you can definitely do it, if you want to. i did a half marathon on april 16th (had trained for it pretty seriously, but never ran more than 13-14 miles) and then decided rather spurofthemoment to do a full on may 22nd. i did an abbreviated training program (around 40-some miles per week) including 1 16 miler, 1 18 miler, and a 20-miler, and the marathon went great (no crashing, 9:13 pace, pretty steady the whole way!). and now i'm hooked (training for philadelphia in november currently, with 18-weeks of planned runs instead of 5! anyway, i feel that people who are already in great half-marathon shape can elevate that to full in just a month or a bit more, so i think you would be fine! good luck on whatever you decide to do, though!

  2. man, if you want to do napa, you should really consider doing the relay
    calistoga to sanat cruz.
    well, of course, get a few more people to go too :)