Sunday, December 11, 2005

Back from Blogging Break

I'm baaack!

Ahem. (Clearing throat.) Is anyone here?!

Just checking.

Well. Now that it's just you and me: I took a weeklong hiatus from blogging because, as you know, this little online habit can eat up all your time. Before you know it, it's 1 a.m., all the lights have been turned off in the house, and even the dog has given up on you.

Speaking of blogging, I filed a trends story for my newspaper about it. Not about running blogs, alas. But about how a certain segment of the population is finally turning to blogs to improve their clients' performance.

'Nuff said. If you want a link to it (the story goes live on the Web on Wednesday), email me and I'll shoot it to you.

So .... Lots has happened over the past week. Taking a page out of Just One More Mile and Finding My Stride, here's a short list.

* Ran 10 miles last Saturday on a 25-degree morning over super-hilly terrain with P. Realized that I need to step up my training. And to keep my hat on. Winter breezes are not gentle.

* Re-strained my right hip while doing so (it was only my 3rd run since my sprained foot had healed).

* Took a Bikram yoga the next afternoon and streeetched and streeetched my hip. Afterwards, hip felt 100 percent better.

* Ran 6 miles last Thursday on a trail still icy in patches. In the dark. Again. But this time, I wore reflecting lights on my arms and a reflecting vest, so the bicyclists don't run me down.

* Ran 9 miles on snowy/icy trails this morning with P. Very slippery. "Ankle-builders!" I said optimistically. "Or ankle-destroyers," P. replied, ruminatively. Re-realized, as I was huffing up a particularly steep hill, that I really need to step up my training.

* Bought a new computer! A Dell something-or-other. I can't remember the name right now, but it's got some bells and whistles. My old home computer is six years old, and as slow as molasses. I ordered the new one online, and it should arrive any day now ....

* Our company has a holiday cookie-baking contest each year. I've never done it before, but this year I tried to get into the holiday spirit and thought, "Oh, why the hell not?!" Words I have come to rue. After spending an afternoon mixing and baking a batch of almond fortune cookies (not to mention typing out 32 personalized fortune cookie sayings!), I threw them out because they turned out cracked, chewy, and altogether horrible.

* Spent another three hours mixing and baking a couple of dozen shortbread cookies. Which turned out great. But I don't think I'll win our company Xmas cookie contest - they're a bit too Plain Jane-looking. Ah, well. People never appreciate one's hidden charms.


  1. Welcome back. It's been a quiet weekend. Plenty of bloggers were out last week but they must be doing their holiday shopping ... or cookie baking.

  2. Well, you need to explain a bit about the competition you're facing in the cookie department. It's not like you can just made some christmas cookie and call it a day ... I mean, what about the the year someone made an ENTIRE happy meal out of cookie dough ... or, my all time fav ... the year someone made an entire cat litter box, complete with everyone one might expect to find in a litter box, all out of edible stuff!! so yeah, you can't win on taste alone. It's all about looks, babe.

    That's quite a week of running! Glad you got your lights.

  3. Jeanne: Yes, indeedy. People go waaay overboard on the cookie contest. Effing cookies. After screaming at my last batch of cracked and inedible fortune cookies (and I had spent my Saturday morning looking up funny journalism adages and printing/cutting them out - talk about counting your chicks before they're hatched), my evil twin suggested that I just go to some hoity-toity bakery, buy their cookies, and pass them off as my own. Not that I would do such a thing .....

  4. Wow. I want to work in your office. Actually, though, I'd much rather have boring looking chocolate chip cookies than fancy looking almond cookies, or worse, marzipan. So I bet your shortbread cookies are delicious.

    Meanwhile, are you still planning to head to N.O. for the marathon?