Thursday, December 15, 2005

Say Cheeese!

Jeanne, Bex, and S. (partially hidden), mugging at a company holiday party earlier this evening. I rented a photobooth for the shindig, and fine, upstanding employees took lots of silly pictures. And apparently, at least one was smutty ....

Lots to post here, folks, but damn it, it's 11:50 p.m., my feet hurt from standing in pointy boots for hours, and I've got to get up before dawn to get back to work. Enough whining.

So, anyway, all you're getting are these photos tonight.

But coming tomorrow: a debriefing on the Christmas Light Run, which I and fellow RBF'ers Jeanne, NancyToby *jeanne*, Holly, and a number of my colleagues ran. Jeanne, by the way, has a great rundown (plus photos!) of that run, which was crazy, fun and coooold.

Also: Rich tagged me to post 5 random facts about myself. So I'll have that tomorrow, too. Oh, the choices ...


  1. the photo booth is a hot item. I love the pictures. We await more details about the pointy boots and other such important matters.