Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Proud Coach

A handful of my novice runners in the training program for the D.C. Road Runners/Arlington YMCA Mother's Day 10K (that's a mouthful) ran the race last Sunday. And most of them surprised themselves.

Faster Than They Thought: The results haven't been posted online yet, but I know that one of my students placed first in her age group, one ran in 58 minutes and change, and two ran in under 63 minutes.

Not bad for a group who's moniker is "Team 10:30." As in, they'd be happy to average 10:30 a mile. And Jeanne, also one of my runners, broke her previous 10K PR by a minute, averaging 10:48/mile.

E. (not one of my runners), also ran well: about 50 minutes. This after running 5 miles, stair repeats, and doing150 squats the previous day.

What's the Time?: I was going to stand 100 yards from the finish line to cheer on my runners, but I got nabbed by the race director to be one of the official time keepers. So instead, I stood at the race clock with an automated timekeeper the size of a small cash register.

I had to punch in the racers' bib numbers, then hit "enter" just as they crossed the finish line. Quite stressful, especially when the runners came in groups of four and five. The race director was the other time keeper, and we yelled the bib numbers to each other to make sure we were on the same page. There were also a few bandits, another logistical challenge.

Pick it Up!:
I haven't been running as many miles the past two weeks because I've been so busy at work, but I've been raising the intensity level. I ran 4 miles yesterday, the first three at a 7:44/mile pace, then slowed down to an 8:28/mile pace when I realized how fast I was going.

This afternoon, I ran 4.4 miles, the first 1.5 miles very slowly with a colleague, then ran the remaining miles quicker. It took me 36 minutes and 32 seconds to finish.

I've got to get faster: I'm running this 3K on Sunday.


  1. That must have been great fun, watching your runners cross the finish. Hard to concentrate at that point, I imagine!! Good running, there, Bex.

  2. So, that's how they measure the times for runners! I've always wondered that. And it would kind of explain how it happened that they added 90 seconds to my half-marathon time two weeks ago.

    Oh, and congratulations to your runners. Maybe they'll have to change their team name now.

  3. I've seen those people doing the timing that way and always thought it would be hard with so many runners. I could never do it.

    And Team 10:30 is a damn funny name. :D

  4. I get picky about races without ChampionChips; usually only for fun - and cheap or free.
    Doing it the way you described it sounds fraught with potential pilot error.

  5. team 10:30 is a brilliant name!!! Congrats to you on all your hard work herding us for 12 weeks, and THEN standing there scoring for 2 hours! Thank god this was a small race, huh.