Thursday, May 11, 2006

Running Skirt Redux

As I was running at 10K tempo pace on a trail towards the sunset yesterday, the bottom almost dropped out. My stomach, which had been been rumbling and roiling, lurched ominously.

I kept going, but as soon as I finished my 5:00 interval, I stopped. It was track workout night, but we ran on the trails yesterday, so we were all spread out. Nobody around me. Very peaceful and quiet, a good thing if you're about to lose your lunch. Or worse.

Note to self: Don't drink coffee, eat chocolate-covered pretzels and, oh yes, a seafood-salad sandwich a half-hour before a speed workout again.
Skirt news: I ordered a skirt last week with some trepidation. Not sure if I would look good in a skirt that seems to require you to be long and leggy. Which I am not. And I already love my New Balance skirt.

But wanted to see what the fuss was all about with the skirt that Susan and Mark ran in. I got it in the mail last night and just tried it on. I ordered a size small, since I normally wear a 2 in pants and skirts.

Hmmm. Very cute. But it is SHORT, people. Micro-mini short. And I'm not sure if it fits correctly. While not tight, it is extremely form-fitting. Or am I just being overly modest and old-fashioned?

I was going to post photos of me running in this skirt, but now I'm not sure. The fashion police may collar me and haul me down to the station. I'm going to show Jeanne and ask what she thinks ...

Skirt story: I'm writing a story on running skirts and the controvery surrounding them for the Washington Running Report, a local magazine on running in metro D.C. I'm scheduled to interview the folks at New Balance and Brooks in the next few days.

And I want to hear from you out there in the blogosphere about what you think. On the record. So you'll find out who I really am, and I, you.


  1. I'm always happy to give my 2 cents. If you want it send me an email

  2. I think you should interview Mark. You don't even have to send a photog. You can pick his pics off the blog site. (I know; low res won't work but it'll help sell the editors).

  3. Hi David - I will definitely include a link in my story to Mark's pix. I think the main photo, though, will be of me in a skirt ...

  4. What's the controversy--men looking good in pink running skirts? I had a gift certificate at a local running store and thought I'd use it to purchase a running skirt. I asked the woman clerk if they carried running skirts and she said a vendor had brought some in and everybody in the store thought it was a joke. She even asked me, "Are you looking for one to wear as a joke?" Um, no. Although I might look like a joke in one. Thanks for the warning about them being short and tight. If a Size 2 (BTW, I hate you!) is concerned about looking good in one, then it's definitely not gonna work for me. Too bad--was hoping my butt would look as cute as Blogfather's in one. :-)

  5. Wow, that's so odd, it looked good on Mark, and i'm pretty sure he's taller than you are (On Susan too, but come on, Mark is a hard act to follow!) Oh yes, please interview Mark!! I think (don't you love unsolicited advice?) you should talk about how he RAISED money by donning that skirt. Now there's a weird little angle for you to work in!

    And listen up coach, what the hell is up with you eating like that and THEN running??? knucklehead...
    Everyone knows you should eat only chocolate before running. It was that other stuff that made you want to hurl...that and running like the wind...

  6. How exciting!! I think it's crazy how quickly they've caught on. I'd like to try one out. Some of the ones I've seen people run in in races are NOT appropriate and I'm just worried it will "degrade" a lot of the hard work we women put in on the roads by making us look all cutesy! I dunno, I guess I'm torn on the whole skirt thing!

  7. I suppose people can wear the running skirts if they like, but I don't get it. I have no desire to wear a skirt at any time, so why would I want to wear one running?

  8. Somehow, I don't think a running "skirt" would be too flattering on me. I am short with large muscular legs. While I am not out to look "cute," I don't want to look funny either. Personally, I think skirts belong on the tennis court - but that's just me.

  9. I knew that I had commented somewhere. There were so many blogs on the "skirt" that I ran across after this one. I was intrigued and finally gave it. I got the Brooks Motion Skort and I LOVE it. Imaging that!

  10. Just happened upon your blog and I have to say that I have spent more time than I want to admit researchig running skirts. I loved the idea but trying to find one for my size 6/8 too short body was a trick. Try and specifically their gym girl for anyone who doesn't suffer from inner thigh chaffing. For the rest of us, I recommend the Brooks skirt. I did have to have the inner short altered (taken in) at the bottom so that the short would not ride up. But, I did run a marathon in it and it was great! Especially liked the cell phone pocket (gym girl has this too) and the hidden hip pocket. I do hold out that with this being such a new trend, soon the perfect skirt will come out for me and in the mean time, I'll just make it work.