Thursday, July 06, 2006

Not Dead ....

Just busy. Thanks for the shout-out to gently rib me back into posting.

Racking Up Frequent-Flier Miles: Since I last wrote, I have:
- driven across country with E. and Nelson
- spent a week in Tahoe, nearly hyperventilating on my runs in the 7,000 feet altitude
- flew back to Washington for a few days of work
- jetted down to Ft. Lauderdale on business for another couple of days
- flew back to Washington
- where, for a week, I worked from my office instead of in a hotel room
- got back on a plane and flew to San Diego on business

Still in balmy, sunny San Diego. Tomorrow I fly to Sacramento, where E. (still here in CA) will pick me up and drive us to Tahoe for the weekend. Then on Sunday, we drive down to Silicon Valley, where I will be on business yet again until Wednesday.


Running Update: Last Saturday, I ran a hilly 15-mile course through Rock Creek Park in D.C. with my marathon training group. Except that most of it I ran by myself, which I found peaceful. There were about 70 of us, and we were strung out over a couple of miles, with the front runners (a 10-member group of guys running 6:30/mile pace or below) waaay ahead. The last third I ran at a nice, brisk clip for a long run, at around 8:30-8:45, with two friends.

Okay, gotta go. Sorry this post is a bit curt and short on details. But I'm on deadline, y'all ....


  1. Glad to hear you are alive. That's a lot of travel! Thanks for the restaurant rec. The water view was lovely:)

  2. Whoa - Bex with her hair on fire - Woosh!

  3. So with all those frequent flyer miles you're going to ...... sit home and chill out soon, I hope.
    Nice pace for the last third last weekend.

  4. Crazy travel. Where are you going to go with all of those miles? Glad to hear that you are alive and still running.

  5. i will never actually see you again, will I????

    Nice running with our "group."

  6. Thank god your alive, I was scanning the paper for Airline disasters. Glad to hear you are still running well.

  7. SoCal girl moves to nation's capital and starts saying "y'all".

    San Diego sounds nice. But not if you have to work, I guess. Too much traffic. Have fun in Tahoe.