Friday, July 21, 2006

Yoga Grandma: Helping my grandmother stretch after a rigorous workout involving breakfast and reading the newspaper. Note the dog lying immobile at our feet. On the back deck. Lake Tahoe. West shore. June 2006.

Yo!: I've been back in D.C. for a week and a half. After a week in San Diego for work, I hopped a plane to Sacramento, where E. picked me up and we drove, with the dog, northeast 2 hours to Tahoe. Spent the weekend at his brother's place for a family reunion of sorts.

Full house: For the first time in seemingly forever, (almost) all of E.'s siblings and their families were in the same house: E's sister, her English husband and their two sons, who live in the north of England, in Bronte country; E.'s brother and his wife (they own the house), one of their sons and their daughter; and me and E. Oh yes, and E.'s sister's tennis instructor. Who also flew in from London. No, I'm not joking.

Good thing we had a big, sprawling 2-story house. Or we would have killed each other. After 2 days of hiking, talking, and eating and, oh yes, running 10 miles in the high altitude, I hopped on another plane to Silicon Valley. I spent two days interviewing sources at several high-tech/research firms for a news story, then I boarded a final plane for a red-eye back to Washington, D.C. that Tuesday.

Over that week-and-a-half, I flew in or out of four airports: San Diego, Sacramento, Reno, and Oakland. Whew.

It ain't over ....: And guess what? I'm flying back to Northern California (Oakland) next Thursday evening for a three-day weekend. We'll head up to Tahoe again. It'll be my birthday. I'll fly if I want to.

Burying the lede: Oh, I forgot to tell you that when I was in San Diego in early July for a conference, I ran a 5K. It was a conference event, a fun/run, and about 175 people ran or walked it. It was quite hot (80+) and surprisingly humid that morning by the waterfront.

Race results: I finished 2nd woman and 6th overall, with an unspectacular time of 23:53. Yes, that's a PR. But according to Mcmillan's running calculator, I should have finished 23 seconds faster. I blame the heat.

Tomorrow at 6:30 am (!) is a hilly 16-miler with my marathon training group. Supposedly there are people who are beginners, but all of us range between 6:00 (you read that right) and 9:30/mile on these "slow" long runs. Good times .....


  1. Welcome back Bex, though it sounds like you will be taking off soon. Great photos of all! Congrats on the PR you barely mentioned:) Hope to see you soon...

  2. Nice pics. What's not to like in all the dog pics?!

    You know you're in a different league when you PR and you know you should have done better! Congrats on PR nonetheless.

  3. great photos, cute grandma! and congrats on finishing 2nd!!!!

  4. So close, yet so far away..... you just keep breezing past me on the way to somewhere else. Sounds like a lot of fun, though. That Tahoe place looks like it is fabulous.

    Don't you need to spend a couple of days in SF??

  5. Is that *the* skirt that you did the review of months ago? That was the skirt that made me think that skirts were not so bad after all for running. And I do love mine.

    Love the 1st photo of the dog. Cute angle from the mirror.

  6. Your dog is so cute, and so is grandma!!

    Congrats on the great PR! Enjoy all your traveling!

  7. Cute dog. He looks like he's having the time of his life! Nice PR--I do think it's a great time.

  8. What a great race! Congrats on your PR.

  9. It's been quite a summer for you. I love the doggie pics and all the loose family news of the summer; plus the hot and fast run. How's that MCM training going?

  10. Your grandmother is beautiful and your dog is so cute!
    Thanks for the positive feedback!