Tuesday, August 22, 2006


My run yesterday went much better than my Saturday long run, even though I started in a bad mood. I always seem to be moody in August, although I hide it well (or not - ask Jeanne.) There's something about the end of summer, with its lengthening shadows, shorter days and the start of school, that makes me wistful.

I was going to run 10 miles, but had to shorten it to 9 miles because dusk was already approaching when I started at 6:50 pm after work. My intent was to run 4- 5 miles at 8:35-8:37/mile to get a feel for marathon pacing. I would intersperse those MP miles with some slow warm-up miles or jog-recovery bits. I did the run on the green and leafy Capital Crescent trail, behind my office building.

The stats:

Mile 1.0: 9:37 (Warm-up)
Mile 1.0 - 1.5: 4:48 (Continued warm-up)

Mile 2.5: 8:14 (Too fast! I try to slow down in the next mile)
Mile 3.5: 8:22 (Still too fast)
Mile 4.5: 8:25 (I really need to slow down.)
Mile 5.5: 8:32 (Almost on pace. Starting to tire. Also going uphill.)

Mile 5.5 - 6.0: 5:31 (jog recovery)
Then I stopped for a 1 and 1/2 minutes to drink warm water from a drinking fountain and stretch. Two male bicyclists were nearby.

One to the other: "My knees are going to kill me tomorrow from this ride." I thought, "What?! Your knees should be thanking you. My knees should be killing me." Then I started running again. The remainder of the run is uphill at about a 2-3 percent grade.

Mile 7: 8:02 (I thought I would throw in one or two faster repeats. For fun. Or perhaps because I wasn't hurting enough.)
Mile 7.0 - 7.5: 5:30 (jog recovery)
Mile 8.5: 8:13 (Hmm. I should have sped up a bit. The trail was getting really dark by this point. Almost complete nightfall. Couldn't see the face of my watch or the bicyclists ahead of me.)
Mile 8.5 - 9.0: 4:34 (Jogged slowly, then sprinted the last 100 feet)

Felt fine and dandy afterwards.


  1. Ain't redemption fun? Poor bikers and their poor knees! wah wah wah....

  2. It's hard to run marathon pace when you're feeling fresh. Boys are such wimps! :-)

    Hope your knees don't start to kill you.

  3. Fine and dandy. That's what I strive for but had not thought of it in those terms for awhile. Good for you (and your poor aching knees - ha!).

  4. Knock on wood, my knees feel fine. I've had little trouble with my knees. It's my hamstrings I've got to watch .....