Thursday, August 24, 2006

Somebody pinch me

Because for the first time in, what, ever, I didn't feel like lying down for a 3-day nap after my speed workout yesterday. In fact, I felt downright peppy afterwards.

(Hmmm. Perhaps I wasn't doing the repeats fast enough.)

The stats: 5 X 4:00 at 5K pace, which is 7:30/mile. The rest intervals were 3:30 at 10:00/mile pace.

In the last repeat, I felt so good that I went a teensy bit faster, to 7:19/mile pace, for the last two minutes.

What helped was that I had a rest day on Tuesday. In which I did no exercise. Well, okay, I walked a few miles. But that's it.

Raising glass of energy Vitamin Water, in a toast: Here's to rest days!


  1. Sounds like some nice interval work Bex. I am still a bit sore from my track work wednesday even after a recovery run last night.

    I have seen that Vitamin water on the shelves of the local grocery store, have not tried it yet. When I do I will toast with ya. :)

  2. Speed work is invigorating; so long as you have the juice to get 'er done.