Monday, October 09, 2006

Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number

No running today. Blissful. Even though it was a gorgeous, Indian summer day, I didn't feel the need to hit the trails.

The Oil of Olay must be working: Work has been a slog lately. All I can say about it here. Had a quick burger and lemon drop martini after work to wait out the traffic and finally read the day's paper. And the English barkeep asked for my ID. That makes it the third time in as many months that I've been carded.

He apologized when he saw my age on my license. "No problem," I said, meaning it. I mean, after all, in my mid- 30's, I am wading in the shallow waters of middle age. Not old yet. But no longer a bright young thing. But I'm glad to be mistaken for one, now and again.

Speaking of age: Did anyone else see this story in last week's New York Times about the mind-body connection to health? Interesting stuff. I hope to be running when I'm in my 70's too.


  1. I appreciate the advice.. I'm going to try running again today, but I'll definitely ice afterwards. Thanks!

  2. hey i use oil of olay too! but i haven't been carded since..i was 15! I want my money back.

    i love lemon drops. maybe that would make my sore throad disappaear.