Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Finally, A Little Speedwork

I did a speed workout tonight, after several weeks of slacking off on these tough but essential runs. The plan: 4-5 X 1000 at 5K pace with 400 jog recovery. The pace: 7:24-7:30/mile.

In minute 2 of repetition 1, my creaky body woke up and said, "Hello! This hurts."

"Shut up and run," I replied.

Repetition 2 wasn't as painful, surprisingly. Or was it my body just getting used to the strain on my lungs and muscles?

I grimly hung on in Repetition 3.

Repetition 4: "This is the last one," I thought. No 5th rep. Conveniently, I was already 15 minutes late in getting home. Sucking air and with my form faltering slightly, I finished.

It wasn't pretty. But hopefully, it'll help me gain some speed at MCM. Over and out.


  1. En fuego! I can't even, in my wildest imagination, imagine running that fast. You go, girlfriend. You're gonna kick MCM's ass.

  2. The speed work may have been ugly but I can't imagine it so for "someone in the shallow waters of middle age." Great line.

  3. "Shut up and run." I like that! And I was under the impression you were 25. Maybe because you're so speedy. :-)

  4. With times like that, you are my hero.
    I am still waiting on results from the doctor to figure out all my injuries. I had a xray for the knee and he thinks I may be suffering from Gout as a result of some medication I was on for something else. My ankles were so swollen I couldn't wear shoes for a week!
    They are still a bit swollen and sore now, but I can get on shoes and will be venturing out for a 6 miler tomorrow. The first run in two weeks so, I guess we'll see...

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  6. You are rockin' it, sistah! Way to go.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing how everyone does in MCM. So far you and Jeanne and David are looking strong!