Wednesday, November 15, 2006

At Least I Got Out of Bed

I ran a local Veteran's Day 10K in the cold, wind and unrelenting rain on Sunday, in what the Scots call a scowthering gale. The weather was so bad that of the 1,600 runners registered, only half of them showed.

I decided it to take it easy. I wasn't mentally prepared. Plus, I read in The Competitive Runner's Handbook that one shouldn't run any race within a month of finishing a marathon.

"Leisurely" is an understatement: I jogged slowly with two friends, L. and M. And when I say slow, I mean glacial.
The first 2.3 miles were at 11:20 to 11:30/mile pace! I knew I needed to pick it up when, in only Mile 2, I saw the leaders pass us, coming the other way.

Also, we were completely sodden. The fleece jacket I had tied around my waist was heavy with rain, and water squished in between my toes. My fingers were stiff and cold as icicles. The sooner I finished the race, the sooner I could get out of the elements.

I bade goodbye to my friends and gradually sped up. No spectators lined the course. Just a bunch of wet and miserable runners, some of whom were walking with their heads down in the cold hard rain.

Whew, the headwind was killer in the last two miles. I kept a hand on my head to keep my cap from blowing off. I flew past dozens of runners, putting in a good effort, but not all-out racing. Way too late for a PR.

I ran the remaining 3.7 to 3.8 miles or so in 28:36. Good enough.


  1. I would have rolled over in those conditions and suffered the cold side of the pillow.

  2. You are braver than me. I'd say that was good enough!

  3. That seperates the women from the girls (and boys) ...

    David - are you paying attention!?

  4. I don't do rain. I'm impressed you got out there and did it. Ditto with the final 3.8 mile time too.

    Hope the t-shirt rocked.

  5. Who you callin' glacial! Good job on your race. :-)

  6. Had I not been otherwise spirtually engaged, and warmly ensconced, several hundred miles away, i would have SO been there for you.

    And regarding your pace? Welcome to my world.

  7. Most impressive. I don't think I'll be racing until December.

  8. A couple of years ago I signed up for race and awoke to big, pelting, hard rain. So, as any die hard would do, I turned off the alarm, pulled up the covers, and went back to sleep.

    I still feel guilty when I wear the race t-shirt, even if it's only around the house.

  9. Hi Bex!
    Do you remember me? This is Corinne who used to have the Livin' Las Vegas Loca blog. Well, after a long hiatus I am back. I haven't forgotten about you. I see that you are still running, that's great. I have a new blog on Myspace if you want to check it out.

    I hope everything is going well with you and your husband. Take care. :-)