Friday, November 17, 2006

Extreme Weather, Part Deux

My 8-mile jaunt yesterday was another rain-soaked ramble. Wind and storms lashed Washington, D.C. all day until everything quieted around 4:15 pm. At 4:25, I laced up my running shoes and hit the trails.

Which were covered in wet leaves, twigs and puddles. Way too slick for my planned fartlek workout. The trail was also an obstacle course; I hurdled a few tree limbs here and there and dodged flooded areas.

I enjoyed the run - hardly anyone out there, only two die-hard runners and a handful of bicyclists (and Jeanne, only 2 of them followed trail etiquette and said "On your left").

When I turned around at the half-way mark, it was almost completely dark. I could barely see the trail ahead of me, so I had to slow down lest I fall. I did trip a couple of times over unseen twigs and splashed in a puddle or two. First 4 miles: 34:48. Last 4 miles: 37:50.

A Big Thankee!: Goes to Steve Runner at the Phidippedations podcast. He was kind enough to mention this little blog, and he read part of an email I sent him about my experience at the Marine Corps Marathon, which he also ran. I'm in episode 70.

Steve, I was cranking out 6 "hill" miles on an elliptical trainer when listening to that podcast, and I almost fell off in surprise when I heard my name. Thanks for the shout-out!


  1. Bex, I am amazed you went out in that trash. We skipped it, even after getting dressed to run. Once I stuck my head outside, I said NO WAY!! Good for you!

  2. need to thank me, thank YOU for the email and your great work on this blog!!

    Run long!

    - Steve

  3. Hey Famous - 6 mile hills, 8 mile jaunt - you're not trying to run fast at Blue and Gray, are you? I don't see a Half PR listed on your site. What are you aiming for?

  4. Steve is one of the most humble people I (virtually) know. Very cool guy.

    Rich: It's weird, but I haven't done a half-mary yet! I was supposed to do the January 2005 Las Vegas Half-Marathon, but then I got the flu. I'm aiming for around 1:47-1:48 or so. We will see. I'm not in top race shape.

  5. Bex you are such a stud to run in foul weather like that - and enjoy it. Amazing.