Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's the Thought ....

that counts, right?! So I'm a week or two late on the holiday greetings. Anyway.

Happy 2007, y'all. The first photo trio goes to the RBF. The second (scroll down) is a rather naughty one of me and Jeanne after one too many lemon drop martinis. Both taken at the company holiday party.

I'm back from my 2+ week hiatus from blogging ... and running. No, make that almost a month since my last good run. But I'm baaaaack: 5 miles of intervals on the elliptical machine yesterday, and a 7-mile run earlier this evening.

Stack 'em up: I'm not one of those people who turns up her nose at turning over a new leaf in the new year. I am all about self-improvement. [Just ignore the two chocolate-covered doughnuts with rainbow sprinkles that I inhaled this morning.]

Looking back over some notes to myself from last year, I saw two of my 2006 resolutions:

1. Run a 10K in 48:00
2. Run a marathon in under 4:00

I was a bit lazy trying to achieve the first one. The last 10K I raced was back in April or May. Haven't really tried since then. But I came pretty close to hitting that goal. My time in that spring 10K was 48:48. As for the second: Yeah baby, been there, done that.

Here are my 2007 health-and-fitness-related new year's resolutions:

1. Qualify for Boston
2. Run a 10K in 46:00
3. Race in two states I've never raced in before
4. Eat sweets only twice a week [gonna be hard]
5. Do yoga or other core strengthening twice a week

Oh, and a 6th resolution, which may elicit as many groans as grins: I intend to post on this blogeroo three times a week. No more long absences from the RBF. You help keep me sane.


  1. Hello stranger ... good job on the 2006 accomplishments! I groaned audibly when I read your 2007 list. Just when I'm within hailing distance of you, you have to put BQ out there as #1. You're killing me!

    As for the pic (you know, which one, that is) ... I'll have to get back to you on that after I pick myself up off the floor. You're killing me - again!

  2. More posting and more running - sounds like a great year for all of us!

    Those are some really ambitious goals but I have faith in you. You're the one who runs 'til it hurts and then runs some more at a faster pace. Amazing!

  3. Posting regularly - *grin*

    Those Lemon Drop Martinis must be pretty good. :)

    Happy New Year!

  4. Good to have you back. Great set of goals. With the work you'll put into meeting a BQ performance, I wouldn't be suprised if you got your 10K PR down closer to 45:00.

  5. Hi Bex found your blog via Anne... Great goals for 07'!!!

    Nice blog and I will be back from time to time.

    Happy New Year!!


  6. I noticed HER photos from the company party were quite respectable--did she have one less martini????
    Great goals, Bex. I have no doubt you will accomplish them. And good news on the blogging. I am NOT making the same promise!!

  7. Those all sound like excellent goals, especially No. 6 for some of us. :-)

  8. She had NO martinis...of course! Nice work meeting your goals! You will so qualify for Boston! I'm definitely going to see you and Running Chick, so you better damn well be there.

    and yeah, i had to totally give up the donuts. It was the 3-donut day that pushed me over the edge.

    (Lest anyone think otherwise, that is NOT my hand in that photo!)

  9. impressive goals for 07! and the pics are great, what fun!

  10. What in h#ll is going on in that photo booth?? I'm glad it was only a three shot sequence!
    Girl loves her martinis, uh huh, uh huh.
    Where do I send solicitous contributions to get you to race in Florida?

  11. ah, a fellow journalist! i love the rbf holiday photo shoutout. :-) i hear pennsylvania's a very nice state to race in, by the way....
    ps thanks for suggestion. ill check it out

  12. I find the blogging is harder than the actual training sometimes! Good luck with your goals.