Friday, May 25, 2007

And now for a musical interlude ....

Well, it ain't running. But it was the first time I'd performed in public in many, many moons. So I wanted to capture it for posterity.

Jeanne (who got her doc's OK to run again - go over and congratulate her) took these photos of me playing a couple of Bach two-part and three-part inventions for the prelude and postlude of her church's Sunday evening service two weeks ago.

Ran 8 miles tonight in about 1:10 as dusk fell on a perfect late spring evening. And I'm still aglow over Tuesday's track workout.

Tons of running stuff on my plate in the next couple of weeks. The big one is this. But before that, I'm doing this. Oh, baby.


  1. Ahh, Lake Tahoe relay time. Good luck to you and your team.

    What a tune up with the half! You must be carrying your relay team with that kind of prep!

    I'm on vacation starting mid-next week, and still looking for races ...

  2. "Picking races in beautiful places" should be your new motto. Sounds way fun.

  3. Looking great at the piano!

    Nice 8 miler at a great pace.

  4. Wow! You are a woman of many talents!

  5. So what is the distance of the Tahoe relay?
    You amaze me with your constant array of talents. An accomplished pianist? Bell ringer. Excellent.

  6. I like that last photo of your hands blurred by movement. Very interesting! Wish I could hear it.