Monday, May 28, 2007

The Long Hot Summer ...

has begun. Queue The Style Council and someone hand me a Tom Collins, heavy on the Gilbey's. I ran 8 miles yesterday on the C & O Canal Towpath with Coach G. and a few others from the Tuesday night track workouts. We started at Fletcher's Boathouse near Georgetown, then ran west on the dirt trail. We saw two deer bound by and a huge tortoise slip into the water.

Talk about sultry. Talk about stifling. And I don't mean that sexy but needy sweet young thang you dated in grad school. At 8:45 a.m., it was already in the upper 80's, and the air so thick with humidity it felt like a physical force one had to push through. I ran with L., while our group's two guys bounded out front, and Coach stayed behind with two slower women. It was one of my first long runs in over a month.

Our splits:

M1: 9:39
M2: 9:10
M3: 8:57
M4: 8:15
M5: 8:59
M6: 8:45
M7: 8:58
M8: 8:47

Tahoe Race Relay: I told Coach that I organized a 7-person team to run the Decelle Memorial Lake Tahoe Relay, a 72-mile race around Lake Tahoe in northern California/Nevada on June 9. What, you haven't heard I'm doing this? Oh, you'll hear PLENTY in the next couple of weeks.

He said that he runs the Reach The Beach relay in New Hampshire every year with some Bucknell University cross-country buddies, and has run Hood to Coast in Oregon twice. He shook his head when I told him that I let my team members choose which relay leg to run, and that they rented a full-size car, not a minivan for our support vehicle. Which can't hold all 7 of us. So now we're taking two cars, not the one car the race director recommends.

I could just see the thought bubble above his head: "Rookie mistakes!"

So I'm a bit nervous how the relay will pan out. I'm hoping it will go smoothly and not devolve into a logistical nightmare (where's that damn Tom Collins?!). Hey team, ease my mind, will ya?!


  1. Due to the wonders of cell phones it will be fine - you'll have a great time.

    The Hood to Coast is supposed to be quite the crazy fun relay. Maybe next year?

  2. Sexy but needy? Oh yeah, they were sexy and I sure was needy!

    Good luck on the relay. Can't wait to hear how it turns out.

  3. Tom Collins eh? You got me hooked on lemon drop martini's (until I puked on New Years eve) Now a Tom Collins sounds delightful. (Gin makes 'em sin as hubby would say) Very true in my book.

    Slow run? Please.

  4. Good luck with that relay! I've run both Hood to Coast and Reach the Beach and had an absolute blast.

  5. You sure you aren't suffering premature altitude sickness?! Just kidding. I've never heard of people using a couple of regular cars, but, hey, why not. If nothing else, this will be a most interesting race report.

  6. You're running last. Those 10.5 downhill miles in the cool of the evening around Emerald Bay will ease your mind and make you forget any logistical nightmares.

  7. so why not swap the rental car reservation for a van?