Thursday, May 17, 2007

Meeting a Running Legend

I meant to blog about this earlier. Then life got in the way. I met running legend Dick Beardsley at the packet pickup the day before the George Washington Parkway 10-Miler a few weeks ago.

He's a very down-to-earth and engaging guy. Lots of Midwestern charm and humbleness. And the guy is whippet-thin. Standing next to him, I felt like an overstuffed arm chair.

He's also like the cat with nine lives. Beardsley's been hit several times by trucks -once while running - got caught and mangled in farm equipment, fell off a cliff, became addicted to painkillers, went to rehab and got clean, then became a reknowned speaker.

As his online bio says, his life reads "like a Greek tragedy with an upbeat ending."Beardsley's still a damn good runner. A couple of years ago, he ran 2:43 at the Napa Marathon.

You probably know that Beardsley was one of the main subjects in the book, "Duel in the Sun," which recounts the 1982 Boston Marathon, in which he and Alberto Salazar duked it out. I bought a copy, which he graciously autographed.

Not that I have stars in my eyes, or anything ...


  1. Great photo!!! Steverunner did a whole podcast on Beardsley and Salazar's was terrific. I'd love to read the book. What a race!

    Oh yeah, I have some condos in Costa Rica to sell you, btw. (How the heck did that get in there with word ver on?!?!)

  2. Who's that goofy guy standing next to the running legend?

  3. Now that's just too cool (and I don't think anyone would call you "an overstuff chair".

  4. Wow - I would have giant stars in my eyes. What a great encounter.

  5. Wow! Very cool, Bex. Nice pic too. And there's no way you'd look like an overstuffed arm chair.

  6. More like a low slung love seat.

  7. That's cool. You never know who will turn up at those things.