Wednesday, June 27, 2007

All together now: "Anticipaaationnn"

Cue the old Carly Simon song. I am terrible. Almost 3 weeks since the Tahoe Relay and I haven't blogged about it yet. I am too busy working. Writing for pay. Too bad blogging isn't lucrative.

But, then, one should ask, what about the hours after work? Too busy having fun. Like tonight. Had a couple of Tom Collins here with my buddy (and fellow Tahoe relay runner) A., and watched a bunch of DC folks sing, act, and in general goof around.

Then I took the subway and sped-walked 3/4 of a mile home, scaring the crap out of a chubby white girl in culottes when I blazed past her. Sorry, babe.

If you want to read a great account of our Tahoe race experience, read P.'s post about it. What it doesn't mention is the pressure I felt being the last runner on my team to race (didn't start until 5 pm), the aching tiredness I felt even before I began running, and the gnawing hunger in my stomach. But, yes, I also enjoyed myself, and I'll organize another team next year, God help me.

By the way, this isn't a photo of me at the Tahoe relay. I'm too impatient right now to download some of the photos on this blogeroo. And too tipsy. The photo is from last year, on the beach. But it shows my current mood: Bemused and a little buzzed.

The opposite sex: By the way, I want to get your feedback on something. My friend, H., and I talked the other day about dating. As a single woman, she says that far fewer men flirt with her now than when she was married. She says that women who are married or in serious relationships exude confidence and thus attract more attention from men than single women.

What do you think? I'm skeptical.

She posited this theory after I mentioned several recent and random encounters with the opposite sex. For example, while walking to the subway on Sunday after a piano recital here, a car stopped, and the driver (a 30-something man) asked me directions to the freeway. I gave them to him and walked away.

While waiting for my train underground, the same man walked up to me, handed me his business card with a big smile, and asked me to call him so he could take me to lunch as a thank-you. I was too stunned to speak. Oh, he did ask me for my name. I gave him a fake one. Then I smiled weakly as he reiterated his request for a date while bounding back up the escalator.

Afterwards, I realized that he may have been the same man who changed his seat during the intermission of the piano recital to sit near me. I felt a little creeped out about the whole situation.

Then I thought, "Well, I guess the boob job worked."

Kidding. Geez.


  1. umn.. men are such funny and mysterious creatures. But, I have to agree with your friend. Men are basically wimps. So they are more apt to find open, confident and friendly women more approachable. This would also explain the phenomenon where I regularly get hit on when I least expect it - my auto mechanic, my male clients. Always in a situation where I am least expecting it.

    Then of course with your married friend - there is always the "she's totally unavailable so I want her b/c I can't have her, but it's still safe - because I can't have her. teehee.


  2. Married women look at single men in a different way than single women. Single women are sizing up and evaluating the guy and maybe being a bit flirtateous which tends to make the guys shy away so they can take their time.

    If your friend could feign total indifference to every guy she meets it would help.

  3. ps - why didn't you just hand they guy back his card and say, "Thanks but I'm married"? I think it's funny that you made up a fake name and just tried to get away.

  4. this is all fascinating, but i'd actually like to hear from some MEN. hello?!?!

    I think you get hit on bcs you are confident, sexy and beautiful. I think, as NOD, put it, your friend might be giving off the bitter vibe. but only the men know and they need to edumacate all of us!

  5. So it wasn't a honeymoon? It was a boob job?
    I would agree with H. who I thought was very engaging and confident when I met her. I don't know what her status was at the time but if I was "working" I'd have thrown her some love.
    Mix me a gin and tonic. I'm coming over to flirt.

  6. That is a little creepy. Good call on the fake name!

  7. Sorry Bex (and Jeanne). If I know what's good for me, I'm not touching this one with a 10 ft pole. Or a 36C cup either. My views could get me into SO much trouble ...

    David - been nice knowing ye. Enjoy the doghouse. Arf.

  8. Oh, boy. David, good thing you're in Florida so we can't slap you upside the head. :-)

    Rich: Aw. Too bad. My single friends need the advice!

  9. i think when you're in a relationship, you're not looking for that kind of attention, so when people flirt, it seems odd and you remember those encounters more.

    but when you're single, you're more hungry for that attention, so it seems like you get it less, even when it may be the same amount.

    there is no rhyme or reason to male behavior except for this: when they want something, they go after it. even if it's as small and innocent as a little flirting. getting a beautiful woman to smile, whether she's married or not, can mean a lot to men, even the ones devoted to their wives.

    it's just human nature.

    but what do i know, i'm a single gal? really girls, boys are very simple creatures with simple minds. that is why they are so confusing to our complex brains :)