Thursday, June 21, 2007


I admit it. I've been a bum about blogging.

Returned from California over the weekend. But first missed a flight, which meant I didn't get to the chapel (or rather, bed and breakfast) for Susie and David's wedding. So I'm not just a bum. But a thoughtless, reprehensible one, at that.

Welcomed back to DC with a deluge of work. Logging lots of long hours at the office. My job has lost that lustrous new sheen. And I feel a bit down. It's hot and humid here, and I miss the crisp California air. Tahoe, I hardly knew ye!

So bear with me. I'll give a much overdue Tahoe race briefing this weekend.

Okay, let's lighten up a bit. I'm taking a page out of Jeanne's playbook on weird factoids. Here are some about me:

1. At 9, I was the youngest member of the Military Book Club. I was obsessed with World War II.

2. So much so that I played a World War II Polish resistance fighter that Halloween. Everyone thought I was a some sort of weird midget hobo.

3. At 10, I used to climb onto the roof of our house and hang out. Nobody seemed to mind. My parents were at work and the neighbors ignored me. Today they'd call the cops.

4. At 11, I was in a children's mime troup. In which I played a lion tamer. A non-speaking lion tamer with a real 7-foot leather whip. Good times.

5. I prefer the company of my dog to most people. In college, my nickname was "Miss Anthrope."

6. I have a secret crush on this guy.


  1. wow. you must be an old soul.

    on days i miss dc i think damn it must be freakin' humid there. and then i stop mising it :)

  2. A polish lion taming non-conformist hobo recluse?

    So not the Bex I know.

  3. You, too? I have a thing for him, too. I mean, really -- smart, funny AND cute?!?!

    Don't let the DC weather get you down. Shoot out to the beach if you can for a day or, at the very least, to Kent Island for a long run. It'll fill up your tanks before you know it.

  4. swooning. what with my penchant for the 40s and yours for mr. stewart, why we might just have a future together!

    i'm ok with everything but the mime thing. that's downright scary.

  5. Ok so I am pulling the filipina and polish thing together with the WWII stuff... whats the deal behind the asian/polish connection? WWII based di ba?

    Roofs were fun, trees too.

    A whip? Hmm...

  6. After all that, I can't wait to see what trouble you'll get into when you turn 12 ...

  7. We were sooooo sorry not to have you with us. It was a good party! We'll all get together before you head to CA for good, right?

  8. I laughed out loud at the Polish Resistance guy = weird little hobo. Too funny!

  9. Hehe, very funny factoids. But isn't that secret crush link supposed to point to my blog? You've got it all wrong...