Monday, July 30, 2007

Virus, Be Gone!

I'm finally getting over this damn cold I've had for a week. I had just gotten over a mini-cold the other week, then last Tuesday, I got hit with a doozy of a cold virus. A super-sized one.

I was too tired to go to my track workout that night. I thought I'd just worked too hard. But, no. The coughing, sneezing, headaches and muscles followed. From Wednesday through Friday, I dragged myself to the office and worked 12-hour days to finish up my consulting work.

I did log 4 measly miles on Wednesday night, shuffling along like a character out of "Shaun of the Dead." Slept well on Friday night, and felt good enough to ride 16.5 miles in 45 minutes on a stationary bike and do weights on Saturday morning. Then watched a couple of qualifying matches at the Legg Mason Tennis Classic that afternoon. It made me want to start playing tennis again!

Happy Birthday to Me: Then that evening, me, E., P., and Jeanne celebrated my birthday (my 29th, wink-wink) here and ate our weight in Korean food. Much fun was had by all. Maybe too much fun, b/c by the end, my cold meds had worn off, my sinuses were all blocked up, and I was exhausted.

I spent half the night coughing, and my throat and chest felt too congested to run my alloted 16 miles the following morning at 7 am. So I felt sorry for myself, took more over-the-counter meds, which did not work, stared at the rain, and sulked.

I will go on!: This morning I still had a cough. And a runny nose. But I felt .... not bad. And I felt better and better as the day progressed. I did go to the doctor, who said that a particularly nasty cold virus is going around, and a lot of people are getting the flu (knock on wood), so I feel lucky.

Running again: I did go for an experimental run tonight. But I still feel a bit fragile, so I ran on a treadmill, and only for 30 minutes. I was just going to take it nice and easy, and see how I felt. Well, the first mile was at an easy 9:30/mile pace.

Then I got bored. So I turned it into a tempo run:

Mile 2: 7:53
Mile 3: 7:53
.75: 5:56

The 2nd mile felt suspiciously easy. So I just kept going. I felt great at the end, although I could hear the last remnants of phlegm rattling around in my throat/chest. Then I lifted weights and did 100 sit-ups.

Now I'm eating a piece of seared salmon the size of my computer keyboard and a mountain of couscous.

It feels good to be (almost) well again.


  1. Holy cow! You've had more food since that feast at the Korean BBQ place? My hand still stings from when I reached across the restaurant table for a dish near you and you swatted it away saying, "Mine!" (Joking.)

  2. I love getting over a cold because while I have one I'm pretty sure I'll never feel normal again. It always comes as such a relief when I do.

  3. i'm much better looking in person. honest.

    glad you are finally getting well!

  4. Belated happy birthday! Kick that virus soon.


  5. i love that the cake is shaped like an upside-down martini.