Monday, July 23, 2007

Where's my breakfast?!

I've got a tapeworm to feed! Kidding. I think.

Here I am, several hours after my long run yesterday, impatiently waiting for a hungry-man serving of chicken enchiladas, guacamole, rice and pico de gallo at our neighborhood Tex-Mex place.

I actually got up in time to meet up for my Sunday long run with the others in my
training program. It was freakishly early - just before 7 AM. Thankfully, the weather was nice, downright balmy for Washington, D.C. Low 70's. Low humidity.

We ran on the dirt
C&O Canal Towpath. Our mileage varied depending on the races we were training for, from 8-10 miles on the low end to 16-18 miles on the high end. I ran 15 miles, the first 4 at 9:36/mile pace. Then my running partner, L., and I gradually sped up.

Whew!: Miles 7-13.5 were at a sub 9:00/mile pace - probably 8:40 to 8:45/mile. I was just trying to keep up with L. In the last mile-and-a-half, I was starting to flag . The weather had also heated up to a sweltering 80 degrees. So I slowed down to 9:30/mile or so.

But overall, I felt really good - especially since I had been down with a bad head cold and sinus congestion the previous three days.

After finishing, I stretched, talked to a few other runners, and drank some Vitamin Water. Finally, after 20 minutes, I saw rude dude from the track (see two posts below) stagger in. He looked a bit
the worse for wear. Haggard. Out of breath.

Then he started whining to our coach. What a tool. I know it's unseemly, but pardon me while I gloat just for a minute ...


  1. C'mon now, Tex-Mex in Wash DC? I was about to give you some serious grief, until I checked out their story and their menu. They look pretty legit. I'll have to try them next time I'm in DC!

  2. I can't tell you how pleased I am to have found another runner as preternaturally hungry as I am :-)

  3. I think your showed great restraint with rude dude. It would have been great to smile sweetly and say something really passive/aggressive way southern woman do. Something like "I guess this heat is just too much for you, bless your heart". HA!

    And you thought you were being evil ;-)

  4. yay! you made it on a group long run! very nice job, too! like unbelievably great! not surprised you were hungry after that performance.

    ha ha to rude dude.

    but 7 a.m.=freakishly early? ask me what time the moon sets.

  5. Nice work on your long's such a bummer to run in the heat. But at least you don't have to worry too much about pollution and some of the other hazards of running in the Philippines...


    Hope you're feeling better!

  6. Tex-Mex is slowly taking over the US, and that's good I can't seem to pass one up after a long run!

    home fitness

  7. I just ran on the canal path too! I'm visiting DC this week - I'll have to try that tex-mex place next time I'm out.

  8. Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuu
    Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuu
    Happy Birthday dear Be-eex
    Happy Birthday to Youuuuuu!

  9. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you :)

  10. Coincidentally, Austin style Tex-Mex is also a necessary breakfast stop for me after long runs.

  11. Jeanne has directed us all to come over and wish you a happy birthday so, Happy Birthday! (Are you sure you have to leave us?)

  12. what kind of person is this? a dude or she-dude? she-dude. just smoke em everytime from the giddyup. but what would really ice the cake for you is if you say "was that all you got?" after you've smoked him at the end of the run.