Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Vegas. Baby.

Lots of stuff happening in Bexland these days, folks. I can tell you more in a few weeks, but let me give you a few hints: marathon. silicon valley. being my own boss. real estate. tahoe, mon amour.

In other news: I'm in Las Vegas. E. and I arrived at 4:00 this morning, having roared 75 mph down the Grapevine and across the Mojave Desert from the Bay area. Why so late? Ah, well, that's because of several life-changing events that I can't divulge at the moment. But I will.

We're here for the annual NABJ convention. E. and his business partnered with this journalism organization, and I'm helping him out. We slept until 10 am, ate lunch, and spent the afternoon dealing with one SNAFU after another in getting electricity, computers, tables, and other equipment for our exhibit/booth in the conference expo.

E. is still down there, dealing with incompetents. I finally said, "I gotta run!" So I'm about to head out for an 8-miler - with 4 of those miles at tempo pace (7:50/mile). It's a scorching 110 degrees outside, though. We'll see how long I last running on the Strip, battling traffic and fat tourists.

Or ... I can head to to our hotel/casino spa, run on the treadmill, then relax in the sauna/jacuzzi.


  1. After just dragging my carcass in from a 7 pm track workout at W&L (8X400 at about 1:40) in 91 degree heat which felt like 99, I say you should choose the dreadmill/suana option!

  2. I know which one I'd choose!

    You really know how to drag out the suspense!

    I could start some rumors...

  3. If you get in that run over the other alternatives, you're amazing. Enjoy Vegas!

  4. A tempo run at 110F. That will make a woman out of you. Just don't tell any of guys you meet in the casino's that you ran that far. It will scare them sh!tless

  5. Excuse me but did you say Bay Area? Would that be Bay Area as in we could have had a drink together last night? um hum... hmmm...... Don't let it happen again!

    Can't wait to hear all this big news.

  6. I tried running in August in Vegas and, because it's so dry, I didn't sweat. I didn't think that was healthy and hit the slot machines the rest of the trip. I guess that's not healthy either....

    Can't wait for the big news.

  7. It's tough running in Vegas. Way too hot! I would hit the treadmill and the spa.

  8. The suspense is killing me...

    "We'll see how long I last running on the Strip, battling traffic and fat tourists." Hehehe. So glad to hear someone outside of NYC say this, for once ;-)